Tesla Giga Berlin manager clarifies wastewater management facts

Credit: Tesla Manufacturing/Facebook

Tesla Giga Berlin’s manager, André Thierig, set the record straight about the factory’s wastewater management. 

Last month, the Strausberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE), which supplies water to Giga Berlin, complained about the factory’s wastewater. According to a DPA document, the local water association claimed that Tesla exceeded its wastewater limits. 

Thierig talked with rbb24 recently about Tesla Giga Berlin’s wastewater management. Blogger and Engineer Alex Avoigt translated the interview. 

According to Thierig, WSE’s wastewater complaint applied to industrial wastewater. However, Tesla recycles 100% of its industrial wastewater. WSE handles Tesla’s wastewater from toilets, kitchens, and other pollutants from private homes. 

In other words, WSE is counting regular wastewater as Giga Berlin’s industrial wastewater from production. Thierig added that Tesla could comply with WSE’s industrial wastewater limits even if it did not recycle its industrial wastewater.

Tesla Giga Berlin’s wastewater management has been an issue and the main complaint for those against the factory and its expansion. However, Thierig explained that Tesla plans to recycle all the water in the next phase of the factory. As such, Tesla’s wastewater contract with the local water association will not need to increase. Tesla plans to build another production facility to increase Giga Berlin’s annual capacity to 1 million.

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Tesla Giga Berlin manager clarifies wastewater management facts
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