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Tesla Giga Shanghai Update: Projected 2021 production, Model Y delivery schedule, Model 3 Long Range

Tesla Giga Shanghai (Source: Tesla)

Tesla Giga Shanghai is gearing up for a busy year as it aims to deliver Made-in-China Model Y by January 2021, produce 250,000 vehicles annually by next year, and further localize parts for the MIC Model 3 to further boost profit margins.

The latest Giga Shanghai news out of China is based on a report by Kong Mingming for Ran Cai Jing that cites a record of a meeting from Shengang Securities, a financial institution in Shanghai with a registered capital of over $620 million. The said conference call on March 1 was between Giga Shanghai experts and investors.

Giga Shanghai Production Capacity

During the said meeting, it was disclosed that the current capacity of Giga Shanghai following the temporary shutdown during the peak of the coronavirus public health scare was pegged at 2,000 vehicles per week with single shifts per day and overtime on Saturdays. Tesla reportedly plans to activate two shifts in March to hit 3,500 units per week with a goal of achieving 50,000 to 60,000 vehicles fo the first half of the year.

According to the experts at Giga Shanghai cited by the report, the carmaker expects a significant increase in production starting July following a stress test in June.

“In the first and second half of this year, the combined production capacity is expected to be about 170,000 vehicles. Looking at the whole year next year, if the whole year runs at a production capacity of 5,000 vehicles per week, it can reach a production capacity of nearly 250,000 vehicles per year,” the report by Ran Cai Jing reads.

Made-in-China Model Y, Model 3 Long Range Update

The Model 3 Long Range variant for the Chinese market is still in development with mass production targetted by H2 of 2020. Tesla recently received the go from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China to produce the said iteration of the electric sedan.

Meanwhile, the MIC Model Y is in the early stage of development and is expected to hit the production line by October this year. The more affordable Tesla SUV was, according to the conference call, initially planned for  December 2020 release but China Model Y delivery was moved to January 2021 due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Model Y program in China was formally launched by CEO Elon Musk last January during the Model 3 event at Giga Shanghai. Musk believes the affordable electric SUV will be the more popular vehicle in the Tesla lineup and might even eclipse the combined sales of the Model 3 and its other siblings.

With the ramp in MIC Model 3 production, Tesla China is also pushing for further localization of the supply chain for its electric sedan. This, of course, will further boost the profit margins and help create more demand in the biggest automotive market in the globe.


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Tesla Giga Shanghai Update: Projected 2021 production, Model Y delivery schedule, Model 3 Long Range
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