Tesla Giga Shanghai starts Q2 push with fresh batch of exports

Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

It appears that Tesla China has started its second-quarter vehicle delivery push. Similar to previous quarters, the electric vehicle maker seems to be focusing on exporting large batches of vehicles to foreign territories in Q2’s first half.

Tesla’s fresh batch of exports could be seen in aerial footage captured by drone operator Wu Wa, who has been chronicling the development of Tesla China’s facilities for years. The recently shared video shows numerous Teslas waiting to be exported at Shanghai Port. Interestingly enough, a number of the vehicles appear to be right-hand drive models.

The recent video is particularly interesting as it shows the car carrier ship Grand Champion docking at the Shanghai Port. The ship will likely be one of several which will be transporting Giga Shanghai-made vehicles to foreign territories. 

As Tesla’s primary vehicle export hub, Giga Shanghai plays a critical role in the company’s global operations. With this in mind, Tesla China typically allots Giga Shanghai’s production on international orders during the first half of each quarter before shifting to domestic orders in the latter half. This system allows Tesla to cater to both foreign and domestic markets. 

Apart from a busy Shanghai Port, other footage from the drone operator has shown that Giga Shanghai is currently undergoing upgrades in the form of solar panels on its roof. The installation of the solar panels seem to be in its initial phases, but it won’t be surprising if more sections of the Giga Shanghai complex are fitted with rooftop solar in the coming months. 

In its Q1 2023 vehicle delivery and production report, Tesla disclosed reported a total of 422,875 vehicle deliveries, comprised of 412,180 Model 3/Y and 10,695 Model S/X units. Based on the Q1 results, it appears that Gigafactory Shanghai played a significant role, contributing to roughly 54% of the automaker’s worldwide deliveries during the first quarter. Considering Tesla’s 1.8 million goal this year, Tesla China would likely have to dig deep to ensure that it can play its role in the company’s overall operations perfectly.

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Tesla Giga Shanghai starts Q2 push with fresh batch of exports
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