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Tesla stock records its best week on Wall Street since December

Tesla shares (NASDAQ: TSLA) recorded their best week on Wall Street after gaining over 15 percent in value during trading since Monday, March 14. It is the best week for the electric automaker’s stock this year and has been Tesla’s biggest gain in a five-day stretch since December.

Tesla shares finally crossed the $900 threshold this week for the first time since mid-February. Overall, the market has been volatile for some time, especially as inflation has soared and sanctions against Russia, due to its invasion of Ukraine, have adversely affected many sectors.

The last time Tesla saw an increase in market value in a single week was from December 27 to December 31, when shares grew nearly 10 percent, gaining over $105 in value.

Despite Tesla’s increasing production output thanks to two new factories, one in Texas and another in Germany, the market has not responded very well due to inflationary pressure, which CEO Elon Musk said would affect the company’s pricing moving forward. Tesla increased prices across its vehicle fleet the next day.

Tesla has reportedly experienced increased sales figures in some regions of the U.S., especially as gas prices have risen at accelerated rates over the past few months.

However, these positive bits of news have not been enough to completely counteract the market conditions. Earlier this week, Tesla halted the sale of bonds backed by vehicle loans, suspending the move until the market settled and lacked unpredictability.

Tesla shares traded as high as $903 during Friday trading hours. At the time of writing, shares were up over 3 percent, trading at $898.98.

This week, Tesla has boosted on several positive stories. Musk announced earlier this week he would be working on Tesla’s “Master Plan Part 3,” a continuation of the company’s blueprint and gameplan that was first written in 2003. Additionally, news of a newly-approved and certified Model Y trim level hit the EPA’s website last weekend, indicating Tesla could be preparing to not only begin deliveries of its all-electric crossover built at the new Gigafactory Texas plant, but the automaker could potentially expand its product lineup to offer more affordable models as prices continue to soar.

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Some analysts, including Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley, believe Tesla could enter the aviation market in the coming years. Jonas predicts this could be the synopsis of Musk’s third Master Plan. “We see Part 3 [of Tesla’s story] as mass industrialization, a network flywheel and ‘connecting the dots’ across adjacent TAMs,” Jonas said in a note to Morgan Stanley investors.

Jonas also hinted that a tour of the Fremont Factory earlier this week seemed to indicate a need for expansion. Musk recently Tesla is considering a “significant” expansion of the Fremont facility, which is in Northern California. Tesla builds around 450,000 units per year at the facility.

Disclosure: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder.

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Tesla stock records its best week on Wall Street since December
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