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Tesla Giga Shanghai stormed by delivery trucks as production resumes

Credit: Wu Wa | YouTube

Tesla Giga Shanghai is resuming production at high-speed and preparing to ship cars to customers as the plant is being stormed by delivery trucks and haulers.

Rumors of production stoppages at Giga Shanghai circulated late last year, which caught many off guard with Tesla’s typical end-of-year production and delivery pushes. The automaker clarified the “stoppages,” indicating it was carrying out annual production line maintenance. Workers were able to rest while this maintenance was performed.

Following the line upgrades and optimizations, Tesla is resuming production at full speed, according to a new video from drone operator Wu Wa, who has followed Giga Shanghai’s progress for several years.

Evidently, Tesla is ramping up manufacturing and production to resume normal levels before it takes a reportedly scheduled hiatus for the Chinese New Year from January 20 to January 31. Giga Shanghai will be operational from January 3 to January 19, according to a report. Tesla has not confirmed these dates.

Tesla is planning to take full advantage of the operational days in January, and it is evident from Wu Wa‘s new video. While the plant is buzzing with activity as workers being manufacturing Model 3 and Model Y all-electric vehicles, what was more striking was the number of vehicle haulers placed outside the factory, awaiting completed vehicles to be loaded so they can be driven to their destination. As a drone operator at the Giga Shanghai plant since 2019, Wu Wa made interesting comments about the number of haulers present on the factory’s campus:

“I was impressed by the line of haulers waiting to enter the factory outside and the neatly arranged haulers in the factory parking area. I counted about 45 haulers parked on site, the most I’ve seen so far, and it was clear that Tesla has picked up the pace of logistics.”

tesla shanghai

Credit: Wu Wa | YouTube

Giga Shanghai does not only provide Tesla vehicles for Chinese customers. The company has routinely used the plant as an output hub for several years, feeding Model 3 units to the European market, among others.

Although Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Q4 figures were strong, the automaker suffered a decrease in wholesale units in December. Tesla China sold just 55,796 vehicles to either domestic or foreign customers, a 44 percent decrease compared to November 2022.

Tesla will be looking for another solid year from Giga Shanghai and will be looked at as a supplemental piece to sales in Europe. The automaker experienced a step up in competition in the Chinese market in 2022, and with China boss Tom Zhu accepting a higher role within Europe and the United States, it will be an interesting year for the automaker’s Chinese plant.

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Tesla Giga Shanghai stormed by delivery trucks as production resumes
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