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Tesla Giga Shanghai accounted for more than half of company sales in 2022

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Tesla Giga Shanghai accounted for more than 50 percent of the automaker’s global sales in 2022, data shows.

Tesla Giga Shanghai gained notoriety as the company’s biggest contributor to company production and sales in 2021 after accounting for 51.7 percent of the automaker’s production that year. With the CPCA releasing Tesla’s relatively subdued sales figures in China in December, we finally have a bigger idea of how crucial the factory is to the automaker’s global prowess.

From January to November, Tesla sold 655,069 cars that were built at Giga Shanghai. These vehicles were shipped to customers both domestically and to those in other markets, as the factory has acted as an export hub for Tesla since mid-2021.

Tesla was busy waiting for Giga Berlin to start production, and European customers were waiting for Model 3 and Model Y units, so the automaker used Giga Shanghai’s manufacturing expertise to fulfill orders there.

This morning, the CPCA finally released the figures for December, giving us a final number of what Giga Shanghai contributed to Tesla’s overall sales for 2022. With 55,796 cars sold in December, Giga Shanghai sold 710,865 vehicles in 2022, accounting for 54.1 percent of Tesla’s global sales for the year.

Tesla Giga Shanghai stormed by delivery trucks as production resumes

Tesla announced last week that it had sold 1,313,851 cars last year, capping off its most impressive quarter in company history and marking its first million-unit year as an automaker. It was a tumultuous year filled with surprises, including production halts, line upgrades, and no plans to expand the automaker’s “product roadmap.”

However, one thing that remains a constant for Tesla, and really any business hoping to turn a profit, is growth. Tesla still recorded a 29 percent growth over the year prior in terms of overall sales.

It is no secret Giga Shanghai has been Tesla’s secret weapon since it started production in late 2019. Operating as a well-oiled machine, Giga Shanghai’s former head Tom Zhu has been tasked with running Tesla’s U.S. production plants recently, reports have indicated.

Tesla has not formally announced Zhu’s promotion. However, Zhu’s tireless work to improve operations in Shanghai could translate to better manufacturing techniques in the U.S.

Only BYD outsold Tesla in terms of overall EV volume in China last year, SCMP reported.

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Tesla Giga Shanghai accounted for more than half of company sales in 2022
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