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Tesla Giga Texas transports are moving over 150 cars per day: video

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer

Transports at Giga Texas are moving over 150 cars per day, Joe Tegtmeyer pointed out in his update from yesterday. Tegtmeyer is one of the drone pilots that fly over Giga Texas and provide daily updates-they’ve been doing this since the early days of the factory’s construction.


According to Tegtmeyer, Tesla is ramping up the Model Y production at a pretty spectacular pace. In his video description, he said,

“Model Y production ramping is noticeably hitting a new gear, with transports moving more than 150 cars per day now, and new cars filling right in behind them! North and west irrigation system installation beginning now as we discussed in the past few videos, so it’s great to see this work begin.”

He added that the Model Y production is nearing 1,000 cars per week and hoped that Tesla will share official confirmation on these numbers soon.

“Car carriers are nearly constantly arriving and departing on-site now, yet production is easily keeping pace.”

Cathode Plant Construction

Yesterday’s update also included a flyover of the battery cathode plant assembly which Joe pointed out was “moving along at breakneck speed.” He added that almost 60% of the skeleton is completed and that a new roof and flooring were being installed.

“Remarkable progress at the Battery Cathode plant, which is now approaching 60% steel skeleton assembly completed! In addition, crews are busy installing roof & floor decking (working from the south and progressing north), while other crews are trenching for utilities (possibly plumbing and/or electrical conduit) on the west side.”



Catching Up To Giga Shanghai

Giga Texas looks to be trying to catch up to Giga Shanghai. Despite the challenges in April, Tesla China has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with. A fleet of Teslas were spotted by longtime Tesla watcher, Wu Wa, and the vehicles could possibly number by the thousands.

Although Giga Texas isn’t a global export hub like Giga Shanghai, Tesla’s Q3 numbers will be very telling and I think, will reflect the company’s progress and growth.

Tesla Giga Texas transports are moving over 150 cars per day: video
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