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Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 buildout hits overdrive as China’s workforce mobilizes 24/7

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Footage recently taken of Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai’s Lingang Industrial Area has revealed that construction work in the site continues 24/7. The rapid work in Gigafactory 3 has enabled the project to progress quickly, with numerous posts and even roofing being constructed in some areas of the site.

Despite the darkness of the night, Gigafactory 3 was ablaze with activity, with heavy equipment operating on several areas of the 864,885-square meter lot. Numerous workers could be seen working on the first structure under construction, which is widely expected to be a general assembly building. Large trucks also traveled to and from the facility, seemingly transporting soil being excavated in areas of the Gigafactory 3 site.

The latest video (credit to 烏瓦 who shot the footage on March 25, 2019) from Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 highlights the speed and efficiency that is made possible when an ambitious timeline is taken seriously by a workforce that specializes in quick, surgically-precise buildouts. The upcoming battery and electric car factory is expected to be in operation later this year, and to make this possible; an expedited timeframe needs to be adopted. This is exactly what appears to be happening in the Gigafactory 3 site. At this point, there is no doubt that Gigafactory 3’s construction is hitting overdrive, and China’s formidable construction workforce is being mobilized fully.

Much of the progress in the Shanghai lot could be attributed to the capabilities and efficiencies of China’s construction workforce, which has a reputation for completing even large-scale projects in record time. Just recently, a surveyor from Gigafactory 3 reportedly noted that the facility in itself is being built like building blocks, which would allow Tesla’s construction partner, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of government-owned China Construction) to complete the project quickly. A worker from the site also mentioned previously that work in the upcoming factory is ongoing 24/7.

Earlier this month, Shanghai official Chen Mingbo noted that Gigafactory 3’s initial construction should be completed by May this year. Since that announcement, the Gigafactory 3 site has pretty much transformed from a marshy, muddy plot of land to a massive, partly paved place that is consistently abuzz with activity.

Gigafactory 3 is key to Tesla’s push into China. While the company appears to be moving a lot of Model 3 this quarter, the only variants of the electric sedan available in China today are the high-end versions such as the Long Range RWD, Long Range AWD, and Performance Model 3. Affordable versions of the Model 3, as well as the upcoming Model Y, will be produced in Gigafactory 3, which will allow Tesla to price the affordable, mass-market vehicles competitively against local offerings.  

Watch the construction of Gigafactory 3 continue well into the night in the video below.

Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 buildout hits overdrive as China’s workforce mobilizes 24/7
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