Tesla Gigafactory Berlin accelerates as mysterious tent gets set up onsite

(Credit: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter)

The construction of Gigafactory Berlin continues to accelerate, and while the site appears to be quiet during Sundays, the progress of the site’s ongoing construction has been nothing short of phenomenal. Recent flyovers and images taken of the Giga Berlin complex have even shown something familiar that has been recently set up on site: a massive, white tent. 

A look around the Giga Berlin Phase 1 complex reveals numerous ongoing projects. The drive unit building’s factory shell appears to be well on its way towards completion, a series of posts for what seems to be another building is currently being set up, and what appears to be an expansive parking lot has been paved as well. Interestingly enough, a huge tent with the words “Tesla” has also been constructed. 

The purpose of the large tent on the Gigafactory Berlin site has not been revealed by Tesla, though its presence, together with the newly-built parking area, suggests that the electric car maker may be getting ready for an event. A number of Tesla enthusiasts closely following the progress of the complex’s construction also suggested that the tent may be utilized as a sort of headquarters for the workers on site. 

Either way, the presence of the mysterious white tent in Giga Berlin seems to herald the ramp of even more activities in the area. This is quite notable, especially considering that Giga Berlin is following a hyper-aggressive timeframe, with CEO Elon Musk stating that he expects the site to start building Model Y crossovers by next year. For this goal to be reached, the factory shell of the Phase 1 building in the Gigafactory Berlin complex has to be completed as soon as possible.

Based on what Tesla has accomplished in Gigafactory Shanghai, the company appears to be capable of setting up a working production line in a few months. Last year, for example, the factory shell of Giga Shanghai’s Phase 1 building was completed sometime in the middle of the year, and by late 2019, Model 3s were already being produced onsite. Considering that the Model Y is expected to be easier to build thanks to optimizations to the vehicle’s design and production process, Giga Berlin seems to have a pretty solid chance of actually starting local vehicle production sometime in 2021.

Amusingly enough, the Tesla community is all too familiar with the opportunities presented by large tents that seemingly pop up overnight. Back in the Model 3’s initial ramp at the Fremont factory, for example, Tesla critics ended up practically foaming at the mouth after it was revealed that the electric car maker made an entirely new assembly line inside a massive sprung structure, which conveniently looks like a giant tent. Since then, tents have been fondly associated with Tesla’s ramp in vehicle production, to much humor among EV community members. 

Watch a recent flyover of the Gigafactory Berlin site in the video below. 

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin accelerates as mysterious tent gets set up onsite
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