Tesla hiring 500-600 staff a month at Gigafactory Berlin: Economy Minister

Credit: Tesla

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin is ramping its operations. In a recent email, Elon Musk himself confirmed that the Grunheide-based plant is closing in on a production rate of nearly 1,000 Model Y per day. But Giga Berlin is only getting started. 

As per recent comments by the regional economy minister of Brandenburg on Monday, Tesla is currently hiring about 500-600 people a month for Gigafactory Berlin. To meet these employment targets, Tesla is reportedly working with the national employment agency to recruit workers that are no longer needed at German carmakers’ facilities. 

So far, Tesla Germany has hired a total of 4,100 to 4,500 workers for Gigafactory Berlin. About 10% of this number are foreigners, most of them hailing from Poland. The update was related by minister Jörg Steinbach during a recent conference, according to a Reuters report. 

“The situation of carmakers in other regions realizing that the production of electric cars requires less people than they had in the past is helping us because we are trying to bring them here to Brandenburg,” the minister said.

Steinbach further added that Gigafactory Berlin has so far been running on two shifts of workers from May 23. A third shift is expected to begin before the end of the year as well, which should allow the electric vehicle maker to boost its electric vehicle output even further. 

Tesla has so far not issued a comment about the minister’s update. 

However, Elon Musk did clarify on Twitter recently that while the company would be reducing salaried headcount by about 10% since Tesla has been overstaffed in some areas, the company’s “hourly headcount will increase.” Musk also noted that jobs related to vehicle production would be unaffected by the planned job reductions, which should partly explain Giga Berlin’s aggressive hiring ramp. 

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Tesla hiring 500-600 staff a month at Gigafactory Berlin: Economy Minister
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