Tesla Giga Berlin targets 5k cars per week by Q1 2023

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Tesla Giga Berlin aims to produce 5,000 cars per week by Q1 2023. Tesla held an open-door event in Grünheide on Sunday, September 11.

At Sunday’s event, the company talked to local employees about Giga Berlin’s water usage and the factory’s environmental and water protection protocols. It also provided information on the factory’s road and rail infrastructure, forest conversion, battery cell production, and training/studies at Giga Berlin. 

Tesla shared that Giga Berlin’s production ramp was going “very well.” In June, Tesla announced that Giga Berlin produced 1,000 units in a week. According to the German Press Agency (DPA), Tesla Giga Berlin aims to reach 5,000 by the beginning of next year. 

Giga Berlin Water Consumption

Tesla wants to reduce Giga Berlin’s water consumption even further. It is particularly focused on reducing fresh water consumption. Currently, Giga Berlin consumes about 2.2 cubic meters (264 gallons) of fresh water per car. Its water consumption already accounts for Tesla’s planned in-house battery production line in Germany. 

Tesla stated that the auto industry’s average freshwater consumption is about 4 cubic meters (1,056 gallons). As per ACEA, water consumption in EU car production has decreased by 30.5% since 2006. As of July 2022, automakers use 3.76 cubic meters (993 gallons) of water per vehicle. 

Tesla Giga Transportation

Tesla is working hard to make the commute to Giga Berlin accessible for employees. At the beginning of the year, Tesla shared plans to run a shuttle train between Erkner and a new stop south of Giga Berlin’s grounds for workers. 

During Tesla’s Giga Fest, Elon Musk talked a little about the train station.

“And then it’s just a 30-minute train ride to Berlin. We’re actually gonna be building a train station, where you can literally just—ironically for a car company, you know, you could just take the train. You can also take your car. That’s fine, too,” Musk said. 

At Sunday’s open-door event, Tesla announced that the train shuttle to Giga Berlin could open in spring 2023. 

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Tesla Giga Berlin targets 5k cars per week by Q1 2023
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