Volkswagen unveils ID.XTREME off-road SUV concept car

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen presented a concept car for an all-electric off-road SUV in Ticino, Switzerland, over the weekend called the ID.XTREME. 

The ID.XTREME uses Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB). The team under Andreas Rekewerth–the Head of VW’s overall MEB development–created the concept car.

“The modular electric drive matrix (MEB) has enormous technical potential. For many of our customers, vehicles are much more than just a means of transport. With the ID. XTREME, we are raising electric mobility from VW to a new performance level,” said Silke Bagschik, Head of the MEB Product Line.

The ID.XTREME is allegedly more powerful than the ID.4 GTX 02. The GTX line is the ID. Family’s sporty models, equipped with Design or Comfort packages. GTX models use two electric motors, one placed in the front axle and another in the rear. The electric motors have a system power of 220 kW (299PS) and a total torque of 460 Nm. 

Volkswagen added more power to the rear axle of the ID.XTREME. VW also adapted the SUV’s software in its drive control unit to increase the vehicle’s system power. So, the ID. XTREME’s power increased by 65 kW to 285 kW compared to the ID.4 GTX 02. 

The German automaker clearly designed the ID.XTREME for rough roads and outdoor adventures. VW equipped the concept car with rally running gear. It has 18-inch off-road wheels, a modified crash member with an additional front bumper, and 50 mm-wider wings. The off-road SUV also has a roof carrier with more LED lights and a completely closed aluminum underbody. 

Volkswagen presented the concept car during the ID. Treffen event in Locarno, where ID. enthusiasts and EV supporters gathered. Private members of the ID. Drivers Club organized the event. It ran from September 6 to 10. Those who participated in the event experienced the sweeping landscapes of Ticino through their EVs and hikes. They also enjoyed some culinary treats and other surprised. Volkswagen supports the ID.Treffen. 

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Volkswagen unveils ID.XTREME off-road SUV concept car
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