Tesla launches Giga Berlin website with focus on jobs and commitment to sustainability

Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg (Source: Tesla)

Tesla launched the official website of Giga Berlin to showcase a multitude of career opportunities and the company’s strong commitment to sustainability for its first European factory.

With goals to create as much as 12,000 new jobs for residents of Grunheide, talent from across Germany and the rest of Europe, Tesla is looking to fill various positions in construction, manufacturing, engineering, and operations.

“Phase 1 will focus on production of Model Y, with a target capacity of 10,000 vehicles per week. We estimate that during Phase 1, we will employ up to 12,000 people, with roles being filled by local residents and employees from wider Europe. We want the best talent collaborating and working together to achieve the mission,” Tesla wrote on its new Giga Berlin website.

In addition to the various positions that Tesla seeks to hire for construction of its factory are manufacturing and engineering roles that will be focused on production line design as well as vehicle manufacturing.

Tesla is looking to form a team of professionals that will help “create the factory of the future” at Giga Berlin. Among the job openings is a position for a stamping production manager who will oversee the designing and building of new tooling for the production line.  Tesla is also looking to hire chemical engineering leads who can help “create novel detailed designs for a wide range of systems from electrolyte to high purity water,” a position that can be crucial in the planned battery cell production at Giga Berlin.

The new positions in Germany further bolster Tesla’s strong presence in Europe as an employer. The company already has a strong workforce at its Model S and Model X assembly facility in Tilburg in the Netherlands, as well as at the Tesla Grohmann Automation in Prum, Germany. These facilities account for around 5,500 workers.

Tesla plans to begin construction of the Giga Berlin by mid-March and begin production as early as July 2021. In January, the Tesla board has approved the purchase agreement of the Grunheide property for about $45 million and is awaiting the second appraisal of an independent party. The electric car manufacturer has also started submitting documents needed to process a grant that can amount to 100 million to help fund the construction of Giga Berlin.

Earlier this week, the clearing of trees on the Giga Berlin build site was put on hold by court order after an environmental group lodged a complaint. Tesla has promised since the start to comply with all the rules in Germany and to focus on sustainability. It has outlined recently the environmental control measures it is taking to abide by the strict rules in the country such as relocation of wildlife from the forest. The Silicon Valley-based carmaker also put these things in the spotlight on its Giga Berlin website where it messages its commitment to improving the environment near Giga Berlin and the rest of the state of Brandenburg by collaborating with experts, environmental groups, residents, and German authorities.

Tesla will be replanting an area three times the size of its factory plot and has, so far, identified potential mass tree planting zones in Brandenburg an der Havel, Baruth/Mark, and Baad Saarow.

Giga Berlin will also install solar in a bid to help achieve the country’s “Energiewende” goals. Energiewende is the planned transition of Germany to a nuclear-free economy and expand the usage of renewable energies. The country aims to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% this year, by 55% in 2030 and up to 95% come 2050 compared to the GHG levels in the 1990s.

On Wednesday, the Minister for Economic Affairs Jorg Steinbach will issue an update on the state of preparations for Giga Berlin during a meeting of the Economic Committee in the State Parliament.

Recently, Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier voiced his support for the speedy construction of Giga Berlin, pointing out that any delay defeats the purpose of climate protection.

“The construction of the Tesla automobile plant in Brandenburg has been of great importance for more climate protection and one of the most important industrial settlements in the new federal states for a long time,” Altmaier said.


Tesla launches Giga Berlin website with focus on jobs and commitment to sustainability
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