Tesla Giga Shanghai aims for 500k annual output for 2021: report

(Credit: Tesla Greater China)

Tesla China’s Global Vice President Grace Tao recently visited the China EV100 to discuss key issues about developing the auto market.

Tao’s meeting with China EV100 covered major research topics about the automotive industry, including automotive data management, consumer-side carbon trading management, urban electric mobility promotion, and even the participation of multinational companies in China’s supply chain. 

During discussions, Tesla’s Global VP revealed that Giga Shanghai has achieved high production efficiency and aims to reach an annual output of 500,000 vehicles by the end of the year, as per a report from Sina Finance

Tesla’s delivery numbers have skyrocketed throughout 2021, undoubtedly with considerable help from Giga Shanghai. The company surpassed its 2020 guidance last quarter. Tesla is close to delivering 1 million cars this year and will likely hit the milestone once Giga Berlin and Giga Texas start production if it doesn’t reach it by the end of 2021.

Tesla Giga Shanghai has also localized more than 90% of its supply chain. Tao explained that Tesla China was able to reach such a high production output because of its local supply chain and domestic growth within the country. 

Tesla China is willing to work with China EV100 to study upcoming challenges for the auto industry and promote development in the industry. The report notes that Tesla’s global presence might help supply chain companies “enhance their international competitiveness.” 

Recently, Elon Musk briefly mentioned the supply chain challenges Tesla still faces today. “Oh man, this year has been such a supply chain nightmare & it’s not over!” Musk tweeted. 

The Tesla CEO announced he would be providing an updated product roadmap at the Q4 2021 earnings call, which would likely be held this coming January 2022. Earlier this year, Tesla faced and struggled through supply chain challenges during the new Model S and Model S Plaid production. 

Supply chain challenges have hit most, if not all, automakers and tech companies hard. The global chip shortage, in particular, has caused many issues for companies, including Tesla. However, Tesla seems to have addressed its supply chain challenges better than most companies.

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Tesla Giga Shanghai aims for 500k annual output for 2021: report
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