Tesla Model Y heat pump

Tesla rolls out new firmware in hopes to solve heat pump issues

Tesla Model Y heat pump (Credit: Erik Strait/YouTube)

Tesla’s widely-publicized issues with heat pumps over the past several weeks are being solved by a firmware update, CEO Elon Musk commented this past weekend.

“Fixing this is a high priority,” Musk said on Saturday. The heat pump has been an integral part of Tesla’s plan to combat range diminishment in colder climates. However, the past several weeks have proven to show that the heat pump architecture is not effective in extremely low-temperature climates. Owners in Canada and other extremely frigid areas of North America are reporting issues with defrosting and defogging the windshield, an issue the heat pump would usually solve due to its unique engineering.

Tesla Model Y heat pump solves range impact in cold climates

Government agencies in both Canada and the United States have launched probes into the issues, only to see what fixes could be presented to owners to solve the problems. Transport Canada, the country’s transportation agency, launched an “Issue Assessment Investigation” late last week after receiving sixteen total complaints regarding heat pump issues. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, followed suit, communicating with Tesla to find out the issues and how they could be resolved.

Tesla launched a Software Update last week that was supposed to solve the issues. However, after receiving the update, many owners communicated that the issues were still persisting. Tesla had to re-examine the issues and try another way to fix the problem. Musk said on Saturday that Tesla may have found the answer.

“Firmware fix to recalibrate heat pump expansion valve is rolling out now,” he added.

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine whether this is a solution that will ultimately solve the problem. Tesla may have to consider other options in the coming days if this does not fix the operational issues with the heat pump. Only time will tell whether the heat pump expansion valve modification will eliminate some of these issues for owners as the coldest stretch of winter has seemed to arrive.

If you received the firmware update, please reach out to me at joey@teslarati.com or to tips@teslarati.com to tell us about your experience.

Tesla rolls out new firmware in hopes to solve heat pump issues
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