Tesla highlights the benefits of Powerwall + solar in new customer video

If Tesla’s latest Master Plan, Part Deux and news of it’s impending acquisition of SolarCity didn’t convince you that the company is aimed at becoming more than just the maker of the Model S, Model X, and highly-anticipated Model 3, its latest “Customer Story” will.

The beautifully produced video titled “Fully Charged” tells a story of Clint an Australian Model S owner who has combined the use of a Tesla Powerwall and solar system to power his home and vehicle. During daylight off-peak hours, energy captured through presumably SolarCity photovoltaic solar panels is stored in a Powerwall home battery unit. When energy rates are higher during evening hours, Clint powers his home’s using energy stored captured earlier in the day.

“I’ve always been interested in the science of global warming. Even from a kid, I’ve always been conscience of it”, says Clint on how Tesla has helped him reduce his environmental impact. “I’ve been telling people that now my house runs on fresh sustainably sourced local electrons.”

The mentality to “go off the grid” or at minimum harness renewable energy from the sun isn’t all that rare for residents of Australia where sunshine is abundant. Last month we reported that a residential developer aimed to build a 41 acre suburb in Melbourne dubbed as “Tesla town”. The community will feature a 7 kWh Tesla Powerwall home battery with rooftop solar panels, and electric vehicle charger within each home.

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