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Tesla improves camera quality in quest to solve Full Self-Driving

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has improved the image quality of its side repeater cameras without actually upgrading the cameras themselves in its trek to solve Full Self-Driving.

Tesla managed to improve the quality of its side repeater cameras, which are located on the front quarter panels on both sides of the vehicle. These cameras are two of the eight that are responsible for gathering information for Tesla’s neural net, but also helping vehicles equipped with Autopilot and Full Self-Driving operate effectively and efficiently.

Although Tesla has started installing its new Hardware 4 in some vehicles, these cameras, with the improved quality, are still operating on the previous iteration, known as Hardware 3.

Despite Hardware 4’s improvements, Hardware 3 is still tremendously responsible for the tasks of gathering driving behaviors for the neural network, which helps Tesla vehicles become safer with every mile driven. Accumulating hundreds of millions of miles of data is crucial for the company’s quest to solve self-driving and release its “feature complete” FSD suite.

Members of the FSD Beta pool noticed with the recently released 11.4.7 update that the camera quality received a significant upgrade from 11.4.6.

There was also a significant improvement in terms of the camera quality during the evening hours. Chuck Cook, a notable FSD Beta tester, showed a comparison between the two versions, and the new 11.4.7 seems to give off a more realistic perspective in terms of colors and overall quality.

Tesla’s HW3 cameras are just 1.2 megapixels, a far cry from the 5-megapixel cameras that are featured with HW4 vehicles.

Hardware 4 Cameras on Tesla Vehicles (Image Credit: The Kilowatts/Twitter)

If Tesla was able to make this significant upgrade with a less robust camera, the HW4 vehicles should have excellent image quality.

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Tesla improves camera quality in quest to solve Full Self-Driving
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