Tesla deliveries in Israel are reportedly delayed due to missile strikes

A Tesla Model 3 driving at night. (Photo: Andres GE)

Tesla owners in parts of Israel are reportedly being told that the delivery of their all-electric Model 3 sedans is being delayed due to missile strikes in the Port of Ashdod.

Earlier this year, Tesla started delivering vehicles to Israel after obtaining an import license in early 2021. Competitive pricing, along with vehicles being imported from Tesla’s factory in Shanghai, where vehicle quality is of high standards, immediately brought demand to Israel. Since Tesla has started delivering vehicles in the Middle Eastern country, the company has been shipping Model 3 builds from China in massive figures. YNet,  an Israeli news organization, says that 1,500 Model 3s arrived on a ship in the Port of Ashdod earlier this month.

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However, amid rising tensions between Palestine and Israel, Tesla is delaying deliveries of the vehicles, YNet reported. According to the report, Tesla completes the delivery process under a heavy tent/spring structure in the Port of Ashdod. Due to this, customers and employees remain relatively unprotected in the event of another missile attack or other event. Tesla is delaying deliveries, as a result, to keep people safe.

Unfortunately, the conflict between Palestine and Israel has continued in recent days, and the New York Times has indicated that thousands of rockets have been launched in the past few days. The report from the media outlet also revealed that Ashdod, along with Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, and Gaza, have all been targets in recent days.

Tesla’s presence in Israel is relatively young, and the company only has been able to sell vehicles since it gained the import license earlier this year. Tesla made its presence in Israel official back in December 2019. After registering a wholly-owned subsidiary by the name of “Tesla Motors Israel” in the country, it stated that its operation in Israel would be the ”importation, distribution, sale, maintenance, and repair of electric vehicles and mobile energy storage systems, energy generation systems and equipment, including solar panels, solar energy systems, and/or other solar energy conversion systems.”

Tesla is attempting to bring its solar program and its Insurance initiative into the country in the coming years.

The Israeli government has also supported Tesla’s clean energy initiative and lifted a ban on Autopilot after gaining a clearer understanding of how the system works. Last January, Tesla was given the green light to open up some Autopilot features. Full Self-Driving could be utilized in the future as Tesla writes software for international markets.

Tesla deliveries in Israel are reportedly delayed due to missile strikes
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