Tesla opens Canada’s largest Supercharger in British Columbia

Credit: Facebook Marketplace (via @Vancity_Tesla on X)

Update: Added a post from Tesla’s Charging account on X that was shared after this story was published.

Tesla opened Canada’s largest Supercharger station yet this week, located on top of a parking structure in British Columbia.

A new Tesla Supercharger with 40 V3 charging stalls went online in Richmond, B.C. on Friday, as reported by Drive Tesla Canada. The site, located at 4660 Garden City Road, is Richmond’s third Supercharger station and one of many to join the larger Vancouver metro area.

The station was originally spotted in a photo from a Facebook Marketplace post and reposted on X. Although initial reports estimated over 20 stalls total, the site turned out to include enough to make it Canada’s largest Tesla charging station.

On the Tesla app, it says the station costs CAD$0.22/kWh, and it doesn’t have any peak or off-peak hours. The location can also be seen on Tesla’s Supercharger map, though it doesn’t pull up additional details when clicked at the time of writing.

The news comes about a month after Tesla debuted its first Superchargers in Canada with its Magic Dock hardware, allowing non-Tesla electric vehicle (EV) owners to charge using the Combined Charging System (CCS) port. Tesla has been accelerating Magic Dock installations in recent weeks, ahead of several automakers’ plans to adopt the automaker’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) port in future EVs.

Previously, Canada’s largest stations were expected to be a forthcoming site in Mississauga, Ontario featuring 32 stalls, and two tied for the largest in Brampton, Ontario and Hope, B.C., both boasting 24 stalls. Richmond also has a Supercharger station with eight V3 stalls and an additional one with 20 V2 stalls.

Tesla has previously debuted a few even larger Supercharger stations in the U.S., including an under-construction project in Barstow, California, a Harris Ranch, California station, and a few others beyond the state. The company is deploying Superchargers at rapid rates ahead of other automakers’ plans to adopt Tesla’s charging port.

Additionally, Tesla recently broke ground on a new Supercharger location teased multiple times by CEO Elon Musk, which is set to feature a 50s-style drive-in movie theater and diner in Santa Monica, California.

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Tesla opens Canada’s largest Supercharger in British Columbia
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