The Boring Company’s recruitment event lasted way longer than planned

Credit: The Boring Company

The Boring Company (TBC) hosted an engineer recruitment event this week at its Bastrop, Texas facility. In a post commemorating the event and those who came, the company also noted that talks lasted significantly longer than initially planned, calling them “fun/intense engineering discussions.”

On Friday, TBC shared photos from its Engineering Demo Day event on X, saying that the event was scheduled for just an hour and a half and adding that discussions ended up lasting about four hours. The Elon Musk-led company said the talks were about Prufrock, its massive tunneling machine, and the device’s “path to rapidly tunnel 10,000+ miles.”

The company also thanked attendees for staying late to be a part of the discussions.

The post included two photos, one showing a crowd standing around the Prufrock III, the machine’s latest generation, outside the Bastrop warehouse. The other photo is from inside the warehouse, showing the other side of the enormous tunneling device.

The event was initially announced last month as a recruitment event for Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineers, with TBC sharing a link for interested parties to request an invitation. The company offered limited, first-come-first-served invites for the event, and the photos show a relatively small group of attendees totaling around 60-80 people.

The first major tunneling project from TBC is taking place in Las Vegas, with the Prufrock I and II units creating a number of underground loops connecting various points in the city to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Currently, TBC is preparing to debut a new Vegas loop station near the Encore’s valet entrance next year. Once complete, the Encore station will bring passengers to the Convention Center station in about a minute.

On its website, TBC details its Prufrock tunneling machines:

“Prufrock is designed to ‘porpoise,’ meaning it launches directly from the surface, mines underground, and re-emerges upon completion. This allows Prufrock to begin tunneling within 48 hours of arrival onsite and eliminates the need to excavate expensive pits to launch and retrieve the machine.

“Prufrock is designed to tunnel at a speed greater than 1 mile per week, which is 6 times faster than The Boring Company’s previous generation TBM (Godot+). This is still 4-5 times slower than a garden snail…but Prufrock is catching up!

“Prufrock’s medium-term goal is to exceed 1/10 of human walking speed, which is 7 miles per day.”

The Boring Company shares quick glimpse at Prufrock III in new photo

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The Boring Company’s recruitment event lasted way longer than planned
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