Tesla raises the bar with 60-stall Supercharger station in Gigafactory Shanghai

(Credit: Wu Wa)

One of Tesla’s largest Supercharger stations is currently under construction in Gigafactory Shanghai. Tesla enthusiast and drone operator Wu Wa, who has been documenting the progress of the electric car factory, recorded footage of the massive Supercharger in China.

Giga Shanghai’s Supercharger station is located on the east side of the factory and has already started operations. Several newly-minted made-in-China Model 3s were spotted charging from the available stalls when Wu Wa conducted his recent flyover.

Gigafactory Shanghai’s freshly-built Supercharger station is divided into four long strips, with each strip seemingly containing 16 Supercharger stalls. If each strip contains the same number of stalls, there will be a total of 64 Superchargers available to use in Giga Shanghai. Interestingly enough, reports that the site will host 60 Supercharger stalls instead.

With 60 (or more) Supercharger stalls, the Shanghai factory’s station will likely be Tesla’s largest one to date once it is complete. The size of the station makes sense for Tesla’s Giga Shanghai operations, however, considering that the facility is producing vast numbers of vehicles every day.

Whether all the stalls installed in Giga Shanghai’s Supercharger station are V3 is unclear. However, it seems reasonable to speculate that most if not all would be V3 Superchargers, considering that it will power vehicles fresh out of Gigafactory Shanghai’s production line.

Funnily enough, one of the top Q3 2020 earnings call questions with the most votes, as of this writing, on asks about Supercharger V2 upgrades. The retail investor asked when Tesla will focus on upgrading existing V2 chargers to V3. The investor noted that while expanding the Tesla Supercharger network is a priority, it would be great to know when improvements would come for existing stations.

There are currently two 50-stall Supercharger stations in China. One is located in the Lilac International Business Center in Shanghai and the other is the Baolong Mansion Supercharger station in Beijing. The 50-stall Supercharger stations mentioned above used to hold the “World’s Largest” title.

In September 2020, Tesla was gearing up to make an even more impressive Supercharger Station with 56 stalls in Firebaugh, California. According to fillings retrieved by a Tesla enthusiast, the 56-stall Supercharger station would be built in the vicinity of a restaurant and convenience store. Elon Musk has talked about building a 50s-themed restaurant near a Supercharger station in the past and many speculate that it will be located in Firebaugh.

Watch Wu Wa’s recent flyover of the Gigafactory Shanghai site in the video below.

Tesla raises the bar with 60-stall Supercharger station in Gigafactory Shanghai
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