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Tesla logo already more memorable than Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus: study

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Tesla may be a young carmaker relative to its rivals in the automotive sector, but it appears that the company has already become a household name of sorts. This is particularly true for Tesla’s logo, which is already more recognizable than the logos of much more experienced car manufacturers, such as Toyota and Mercedes-Benz. 

In a recent study shared with TeslaratiAmerican Trucks conducted a memory test survey on Americans to find out which car logos were most and least memorable. As it turned out, Tesla’s “T” logo was more memorable than Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus. Tesla’s logo was also voted by the study’s respondents as the 3rd best car logo, just behind Audi and BMW. Toyota and Honda ranked behind Tesla. 

For context, South Korean carmaker Kia ranked as the carmaker with the least memorable logo. This was likely due to the automaker’s decision to revamp its logo several years ago.  

The recognition of Tesla’s logo is quite interesting, especially since the company’s vehicles have only really populated the roads in the last decade or so. Teslas were extremely rare during the days of the original Tesla Roadster, and even during the time of the Model S and Model X, the company’s vehicles were still not that common. It was not until the Model 3 and Model Y that Teslas truly became mainstream. 

But behind the increasing number of Teslas on the road, the company’s logo is actually pretty memorable all on its own. There are several reasons for this. For one, Tesla’s logo is minimalist and is thus easy to recognize and remember. Apart from this, the shape of the Tesla logo represents both the “T” in Tesla and the cross-section of an electric motor, which is used in the company’s electric cars. With this in mind, and over the years, Tesla’s logo has simply become more and more recognizable. 

Tesla’s strong brand recognition is perhaps one of the reasons why Tesla did not fit the Cybertruck with any logos at all. The hulking all-electric pickup truck, after all, is so unique that it needs no logos for it to be related to Tesla. Ultimately, however, Tesla’s brand recognition from the recent study bodes very well for the company, especially since other carmakers tend to spend billions just to ensure that their brands enter the zeitgeist. 

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Tesla logo already more memorable than Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus: study
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