Tesla Megapack installation in Moss Landing is making impressive progress (video)

(Credit: EKMMetering/YouTube)

The Tesla Megapack installation in Moss Landing seems to be moving at an impressive pace. Tesla’s joint project with US utility Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) broke ground on the project, which will comprise 256 Megapacks, in late July. 

Megapack installation in the Moss Landing site started just two months after the groundbreaking and now it appears that most of the massive battery storage units are nearly installed. The Moss Landing Tesla Megapack site will boast a 182.5MW/730MWh battery once completed.

As shown in EKMMetering’s video, behind the Tesla Megapack site in Monterey Bay stands the twin smokestacks of the Moss Landing Power Plant, providing a stark depiction of the past and the future. PG&E and Tesla’s Megapack site will herald an age of clean energy for hundreds to thousands of California homes in mid-to-late 2021. 

(Credit: EKMMetering/YouTube)

The Moss Landing Megapack project with PG&E hints at Tesla Energy’s increasing momentum. Besides Moss Landing, Tesla Energy also deployed Megapacks for Neoen’s 300MW/450MWh energy storage project in Victoria, Australia. 

During Tesla’s last earnings call, the Global Head of Commercial Energy RJ Johnson hinted at the Megapack’s potential and future trajectory in the energy sector. 

“Q3 was a strong quarter for the Energy business, and we’re poised for continued strong growth in energy storage and solar. Megapack is going to be a large growth segment for the business, and deployments will continue to expand rapidly as the product reaches full capacity,” Johnson said.

Check out the Moss Landing Tesla Megapack site’s progress below.

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Tesla Megapack installation in Moss Landing is making impressive progress (video)
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