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Tesla in talks with Mexico for facility, but no deal finalized yet: official

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A recent statement from a Mexican official has revealed that while Tesla and the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon are in talks for a potential facility in the area, an agreement about the project is yet to be finalized. 

Reports about Tesla’s potential facility in Mexico emerged last year after CEO Elon Musk visited the area and met with officials. Among the officials that Musk met are the state’s governor, Samuel Garcia, and Emmanuel Loo, the deputy secretary of economic development for Nuevo Leon. 

But in a recent statement to Nikkei Asia, Loo stated that a deal between the two parties is yet to be finalized. “No, we have not” reached an agreement, the official said. Loo also reportedly noted that he is unsure if a final decision for the potential Tesla facility would be made this 2023. 

That being said, the official stated that Tesla’s possible investment in Nuevo Leon is “similar to all the other companies considering investment in the state.” Loo also mentioned that Nuevo Leon wants to “provide as much information as possible to all the companies to make their best decisions.”

“If companies are considering investment in Mexico, I think Nuevo Leon is the best place,” the official said. 

Nuevo Leon is not just looking to attract Tesla. According to Loo, the Mexican state is seeking to attract suppliers for electric vehicle maker as well. This is due to the state’s proximity to the US border, and in extension, Tesla’s Giga Texas facility, which also acts as the EV maker’s headquarters today. Nuevo Leon showed its support for Tesla by establishing a dedicated travel lane at the border specifically intended for Tesla suppliers. 

“We started working on how we can help (Tesla) and make their logistics faster and more efficient,” the official noted.

Ultimately, Loo noted that US corporations are searching for stable supply chains in light of the disruptions caused by the pandemic and tensions between the United States and China. He also stated that he anticipates a trend of “nearshoring” in the future, which could benefit Nuevo Leon to a substantial degree. 

“Most American companies and buyers want to have their suppliers close by. They do not need to have their suppliers on the other side of the world,” Loo said. 

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Tesla in talks with Mexico for facility, but no deal finalized yet: official
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