Tesla Giga Mexico is still happening, Nuevo León vows to fund construction

Tesla Gigafactory Mexico is still happening, assured the Nuevo León government. The local government vowed to provide funding for Tesla’s Giga Mexico construction after Tesla executives showed some uncertainties about its plans in the country. 

On Thursday, October 19, Mexico’s Nuevo León announced it would spend over $130 million on infrastructure to support Tesla’s Giga Mexico construction, reported Reuters. Mayor Jesus Nava of Santa Catrina stated that local officials are improving infrastructure in the area to prepare for Tesla’s Giga Mexico. 

“At the state and municipal level, we’re moving ahead with studies for the infrastructure requested by Tesla, which will amount to more than 2.5 billion pesos ($136.46 million) provided by the state,” Mayor Nava said. “We hope in the first half of 2024 to have the start of Tesla’s construction.”

During the latest earnings call, Elon Musk talked a little about Tesla’s plans for Giga Mexico. 

“And in Mexico, we’re laying the groundwork to begin construction and doing all the long lead items, but I think we want to just get a sense for the global economy is like before we go full tilt on the Mexico factory. I am worried about the high-interest rate environment that we’re in,” he said. 

Gigafactory Mexico will be designed to produce Tesla’s next-generation vehicles, specifically the $25,000 car and robotaxi. Tesla is confident it will build a factory in Mexico but seems uncertain about when the next gigafactory will be built. 

“No, we’re definitely making the factory in Mexico. We feel very good about that. We put a lot of effort into looking at different locations, and we feel very good about that location, and we are going to build a factory there. And it’s going to be great.

“The question is really just one of timing. And there’s going to be a broken record on the interest front. It’s just the interest rates have to come down. Like if interest rates keep rising, you just fundamentally reduce affordability,” Musk clarified. 

Tesla is thinking of starting production for the first next-gen vehicle in the United States and moving it to Mexico when the time is right. Tesla would produce the next-gen vehicle at Giga Texas, which still has acres of free land.

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Tesla Giga Mexico is still happening, Nuevo León vows to fund construction
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