Tesla introduces tree reforestation plan with Mexico Factory

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is planning to utilize a tree replacement plan at its Mexico Gigafactory as it will be required to clear a large portion of land to make way for what will be its largest factory by a considerable margin.

Tesla announced recently that it would build its next vehicle manufacturing plant in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, in the area of Santa Catarina. Construction is set to start sometime this year, but officials in Mexico believe the company could obtain a permit as soon as this month.

The initial phases of the project will require ground clearing and Tesla will be required to knock down trees in order to make way for the new factory. This is a similar process that was taken by the automaker in Germany as it prepared for construction at Gigafactory Berlin.

In Berlin, Tesla had implemented deforestation on the lands where Gigafactory Berlin currently stands. Well before the factory was even built, Tesla had already created a plan to plant three times as many trees as it cut down.

Tesla had selected various locations near the factory to replant the trees in an effort to reverse the deforestation it had to initiate.

Tesla Giga Berlin’s mass tree replanting zones are being finalized

The same type of strategy is being implemented in Mexico as Tesla prepares to get the land ready for the Gigafactory.

Nuevo León Governor Samuel García said yesterday that Tesla is already readying its reforestation plans and has intentions of planting “double the number of trees required by law on 1,600 hectares of land.”

Specific details regarding exactly where the trees will be replanted are not currently available. In Germany, it took several months for Tesla to finalize the reforestation zones to find suitable land where the trees it wanted to replant would thrive. The trees Tesla took down in Germany were also of low quality as the forest was used for cardboard production.

Tesla is set to produce its next-gen vehicle in Mexico, and the new factory will help the automaker supplement its production volumes to meet its growing demand in North America.

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Tesla introduces tree reforestation plan with Mexico Factory
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