Tesla nearly doubles Mobile Service Fleet in bid to improve customer service

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Tesla announced improvements to its Mobile Service repair division during its Q4 2019 update on January 29, stating that its fleet of vehicles nearly doubled.

“Our Mobile Service fleet almost doubled in 2019 to 743 vehicles, and we continue to open new service locations globally. As customers are increasingly buying their Tesla vehicles online, vehicle deliveries grew 50% while our retail footprint remained unchanged with a stable total store count across 2019,” Tesla stated.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been adamant about improving the Mobile Service division of the company, addressing it on numerous occasions. In late August 2018, Musk stated the goal of the Mobile Servicing fleet was to reduce the need to bring a vehicle to a Tesla service center.

The company then began performing on-site and in-house collision and cosmetic repairs through its mobile servicing fleet. The mobile division is able to repair paint scuffs and scratches, minor dents, and damage to bumpers, fenders, doors, side mirrors, and other bolt-on replacements, according to the company’s announcement in June 2019.

However, the company was obviously still not satisfied with how the mobile fleet was running and was very motivated to further improve the service. In early August 2019, Tesla announced on Twitter that it had expanded its Mobile Service fleet to 26 countries.

The company also emphasized that customers had improved the ease of access owners would have to schedule service. “Also, you can request any service from the Tesla phone app in under a minute,” Musk added on Twitter.

Tesla’s Mobile Service fleet gives owners a convenient way to have their vehicles serviced without having to drive a possibly damaged vehicle to a service center. This not only improves convenience but safety as well, as a vehicle that has been damaged in an accident could be unsafe to drive on the road. This could also alleviate costly towing fees from owners, as this would be the only other way to transport a damaged car to a service center.

The company has once again proven that it plans to put the customers first by making repairs convenient and less stressful. And with almost double the fleet, Tesla’s Mobile Service team would be equipped to handle more and more customers on a daily basis. 

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Tesla nearly doubles Mobile Service Fleet in bid to improve customer service
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