Tesla broadens Model 3 shop with All-Weather Protection Kit and PPF

Tesla Model 3 All-Weather Protection Kit (Source:

Tesla has added a series of body protection kits for the Model 3 sedan to its online shop.

The electric automaker now offers both a Paint Protection Film Kit and an All-Weather Protection Kit for owners of the Model 3. The two kits cost just $50 each and provide different advantages depending on the owner’s climate and needs.

“Protect your Model 3 from snow, salt, sand, and small debris with the All-Weather Protection Kit. Avoid corrosion around the wheels and protect your paint from stone chips and driving conditions that can accelerate wear and tear,” Tesla’s website states.

The Paint Protection Film Kit covers the rear fenders, protecting them from possible dings, chips, and scratches while driving on particles like gravel, small rocks, sand, or snow that could damage the paint. Paint protection is crucial in some climates, and a film kit could lead to the longevity of a vehicle’s cosmetic appearance.

Tesla Model 3’s Paint Protection Film kit. (Credit:

Considering Tesla’s paint issues, which have been confronted by CEO Elon Musk in the past, the PPF kit is advantageous to every owner. Protecting the cosmetic portion of the car is crucial to longevity and can hinder the results of normal wear and tear by preventing damage through routine use. It is undoubtedly better to ding and damage PPF, rather than the car’s actual paint.

The All-Weather Protection Kit includes two sizes of front mud flaps, along with the necessary installation hardware. This kit is beneficial for owners who navigate through dirt and mud, protecting the wheel wells from damage that could be caused by driving over road rocks and other particles.

Tesla Model 3 Mud Flaps, included with the company’s All-Weather Kit (Credit:

The Model 3 is currently the only Tesla vehicle to receive body protection kits from the company. Both the Model S and Model X do not have Tesla-manufactured paint protection kits or mud flaps available. The Model Y’s shop, apart from a roof rack and car cover, is currently limited to general vehicle accessories that are usable on any of the company’s vehicles.

Protecting the paint of the Model 3 for $100 is a steal compared to what it would cost to have parts repainted or replaced. Longevity for the Model 3’s paint is just a couple of clicks away now that Tesla has offered its variations of PPF and Mud Flaps.

Tesla broadens Model 3 shop with All-Weather Protection Kit and PPF
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