Tesla Model 3 was best-selling EV in the Netherlands in March

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The Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling electric vehicle in the Netherlands in March 2021, capturing its first monthly gold medal since September 2020.

New data from the EV Sales Blog shows the Model 3 was the most popular electric car in the Netherlands, surpassing the Volvo XC40 PHEV, and the recently released Volkswagen ID.4. Tesla sold 341 units of the Model 3 in March, while Volvo’s XC40 was sold 257 times, and the VW crossover had 247 total units sold.

The Volvo XC40 has been the leader in the Netherlands for several months. Meanwhile, the Model 3 has been absent from the top 20 list since December 2020, where it captured 3,938 total sales, good enough for the bronze medal during that month. However, the Model 3 was the second-most popular EV in the Netherlands in 2020, capturing 9% of the total market share for electric car sales for the entire year with 8,374 cars sold. Only the Volkswagen ID.3 sold more, capturing 12% of the market with 10,954 units sold.

Credit: EV Sales Blog

In all, the Netherlands’ total EV market dropped by 4% in March, a main factor in what seems like lower-than-normal sales figures for automobiles. José Pontes of the EV Sales Blog writes:

“The Dutch PEV market dropped 4% in March, to 4,834 plugin registrations, but that result wasn’t all that bad, considering that the overall market fell even more (-18% YoY), placing last month PEV Share at 20% (9% BEV), pushing the year to date PEV share to 15% (5.6% BEV), which is still significantly down on last year result (25%), but already on par with the 2019 score (15%).”

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Interestingly, the VW ID.3 did not appear on the March Top 20 and has slumped in 2021 in the Netherlands so far. After selling 126 units in January to place 20th and only 68 units in February for 10th place, the ID.3 has slid off of the Top 20 list and the Year-to-Date list, as the ID.4 crossover is becoming a more favorable option. Due to the popularity of crossover vehicles, the ID.4 could be the more reasonable option for many car buyers, including those with children as the more spacious interior is favorable for parents.

The Model 3’s popularity across the world still is remarkable as it continues to be Tesla’s most popular vehicle. As the company prepares for the first production pushes of Giga Berlin in Germany later this Summer, some European markets could expect an increased number of Tesla registrations through the second half of 2021 and early 2022 as the Model Y will make its first appearances in the European EV market.

Tesla Model 3 was best-selling EV in the Netherlands in March
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