Tesla Model 3 hailed as fastest-selling 2nd hand car in the United States

The Tesla Model 3. (Credit: Tesla)

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, used cars are becoming the ideal purchase for more and more vehicle buyers in the United States. Among these vehicles, one electric sedan is selling the quickest in the second-hand market. This vehicle is the Tesla Model 3. 

Car search engine recently published a study that analyzed more than 9 million transactions from March to June 2020 featuring 2015 to 2019 model year vehicles. The study’s goal was to determine which vehicle spent the least amount of time on sale before it was bought. Based on the data, the average car in the United States spent about 69 days waiting to be sold. 

This was not the case with the Tesla Model 3. According to the car search engine, a pre-owned Model 3 only spent 29 days on average before they are snapped up by buyers. This bodes well for the existing demand for the all-electric sedan, which is currently the electric car maker’s most affordable vehicle. If second-hand Model 3s are selling fast, it appears that the demand for the vehicle is still substantial. 

The same appears to be true for the Model S and Model X, both of which still ranked quite high in’s rankings. While the Model 3 was the fastest-selling second-hand car in the United States, the Model X is listed in sixth place and the Model S is listed in tenth place. According to the study, the Model X spends an average of 47 days on sale before being bought, while the Model S takes about 51 days. 

The reasons behind this may very well lie in Tesla’s over-the-air software updates, which have the capability to improve or add new vehicle features. Other updates even improve performance for some vehicles. Among these are Sentry Mode and Dog Mode, both of which were rolled out to customers free of charge. With OTA updates, even older vehicles like a 2015 Model S could have features that are relatively comparable to newer models. 

The pandemic has resulted in massive losses for the majority of the US auto market. Save for Tesla, whose year-over-year sales decline in the second quarter was only about 5%, other carmakers such as GM and Ford have seen far more dramatic declines. Amidst these drops, a study from IHS Markit also revealed that Americans are becoming more prone to driving more older vehicles than in the past 20 years. This could ultimately bode well for Tesla’s electric cars, as they would likely be bought quite quickly as soon as they enter the second-hand market. 

Tesla Model 3 hailed as fastest-selling 2nd hand car in the United States
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