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Tesla Model 3 will be Europe’s best-selling EV of 2021

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The Tesla Model 3 will undoubtedly be named Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle of 2021, based on data provided by registration trackers.

The Model 3 is Tesla’s first mass-market vehicle, and it was eventually followed by the company’s Model Y crossover. The all-electric Model 3 sedan has been Tesla’s key product to launch the company into mass-market status, being the first vehicle the electric automaker offered under the U.S. average cost of a new vehicle. As the price of the vehicle has gone up due to Tesla’s overwhelming demand, so have the company’s sales figures for the car. In 2021, it is Europe’s most popular car if one were to go by sales figures.

According to EU-EVs.com, a website that uses government-verified data to track the number of electric vehicle registrations across eleven countries in Europe and the U.K., the Model 3 is the most popular EV in the market. Tesla has sold 93,545 units of the Model 3 in Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden; the eleven countries the site tracks. This is over 43,000 units more than the second place Renault Zoe, which has sold over 50,514 units as of New Year’s Eve. The Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 are in third and fourth place, respectively. The ID.3 has sold 49,502 times, with the ID.4 accumulating 41,711 sales.

The Model 3 has undoubtedly been Tesla’s most revolutionary product in its short-but-storied history as an automotive entity. The car launched Tesla into the market of affordable cars and offered significantly more range, performance, and efficiency compared to other electric models on the market while also being offered at a highly competitive price point. Tesla has basically reached its production capacity with the vehicle at its two currently-operational production facilities in Northern California and Shanghai. However, run rates still seem to be growing, especially in China, where the Model 3 has been a best-seller, along with the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV, developed by GM in a joint partnership with Wuling and SAIC.

Tesla Giga Shanghai shows off its Model 3 production efficiency in recent video

Interestingly, Tesla is not the most popular manufacturer in the eleven countries that EU-EVs.com tracks. Volkswagen owns that title, with 122,812 units sold in the region. Tesla is not far behind, however, and has 112,626 units sold. This number would likely be much higher if Gigafactory Berlin, the automaker’s first European production plant, had already started production and if Tesla had started exporting Model Y units from Shanghai to Europe. Tesla started shipping Model Y builds from China to various European markets in August.

The Model Y still performed well, accumulating 18,796 sales in Europe, despite only operating on an import-export level for the final four months of 2021. Tesla will begin production at Giga Berlin with the Model Y. Units of the all-electric crossover were spotted leaving the German factory yesterday.

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Tesla Model 3 will be Europe’s best-selling EV of 2021
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