Tesla Model 3 units join car sharing service in Australia

(Credit: LendLease)

Lendlease, in collaboration with Outbound, kick-started a car-sharing service with Tesla Model 3 units for tenants of Salesforce Tower in Sydney Place, Sydney. The car-sharing service initiates the launch of the Electric Car Club at Sydney’s 180 George Street. 

The Electric Car Club is starting out with three Tesla Model 3 units which will be amiable for hire hourly, daily, or throughout the weekend. The rates to hire the Model 3 vehicles start at about $20 per hour and go up to $220 for an all-inclusive weekend. 

“The Electric Car Club is set to enhance the excellent connectivity of the Sydney Place precinct and extend the state-of-the-art amenity available to tenants,” said Lendlease project director Steve McGillivray. 

Lendlease provides integrated solutions for commercial development projects such as Sydney Place—a next-generation space for hard-working individuals with offices and entertainment places like restaurants and bars. Lendlease’s Electric Car Club will utilize support from the Outbound app to provide Salesforce Tower tenants access to the Model 3 units. 

Through the Outbound app, tenants can reserve, pay, and access support for the Model 3 units. They can also lock, unlock and drive the Tesla vehicles through their phones. 

Lendlease’s car-sharing service provides a glimpse into the future of Tesla’s robotaxi fleet. Tesla already has an app where owners can control certain aspects of their cars. The Tesla app may be updated to allow guests to reserve, pay, and access support to any vehicles included in the robotaxi fleet. 

In 2022, Tesla listed the robotaxi vehicle as “in development’ in its second-quarter Update Letter. Elon Musk compared Tesla’s robotaxi fleet to Uber and Airbnb. 

In the past, Musk explained that Tesla owners could add their vehicle to a local robotaxi fleet during certain hours and take it out of the fleet for personal use. The robotaxi fleet is supposed to work alongside Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite, allowing owners to generate income from their vehicles while not using them. 

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Tesla Model 3 units join car sharing service in Australia
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