Tesla Model 3 joins fleet for E-Mobility car subscription platform

Tesla Model 3 Subscription in Germany (Source: Cluno via

Munich, Germany-based electric-mobility startup Cluno adds a Tesla Model 3 to its fleet of vehicles available for all-inclusive car subscriptions. Customers can easily book their Tesla Model 3 on a month-t0-month basis via the company’s website or through Cluno’s mobile app.

Cluno customers can avail of the Tesla Model 3 subscription package for 1,299 euros and start driving their Tesla Model 3 in March. The offer comes with 1,250 kilometers per month, insurance, and maintenance service as needed. The digital car subscription allows customers to drive electric vehicles and other cars for six months or longer periods without the risk of investing in the car.

“We foresee high demand for flexible, easy and at the same time climate-friendly mobility solutions. The Cluno car subscription combines the two in a forward-looking concept for individual mobility. According to Frost & Sullivan, the market potential for car subscriptions in the USA and Europe up to 2025 is over 16 million vehicles,” said Cluno co-founder and CEO Nico Polleti.

“We expect that a large proportion of them will be either electric or hybrid cars. Car subscription is a risk-free option for our customers to use a technology today that will make huge advances in the coming years,” Polleti added.

Cluno has a number of electric vehicles in its fleet including Tesla Model 3, Renault ZOE 50, MINI Cooper SE, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, and Opel Corsa-e. They also have plug-in hybrids and hybrid vehicles available for digital car subscriptions.

The inclusion of Tesla Model 3, which recently took top honors in Euro NCAPS Best In Class Cars of 2019 list, in its fleet of vehicles for subscription is a win-win for both the German e-mobility company and the Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker. E-mobility as a subscription does not only provide flexible options for consumers but also make new energy vehicles more attractive for those who want to try out EVs without having to purchase or lease a Tesla. According to a study cited by Cluno, one in three Germans are willing to use an EV to help solve climate issues and that by 2030, about 51 percent of vehicles in Europe, in ideal conditions, will be electric vehicles.

Car subscription programs are also the future of mobility with research firm Frost & Sullivan predicting that 6 million vehicles will be part of vehicle subscription services by 2025-2026. The same study foresees participants in the car subscription business to rake in about $100 billion per year. These findings are also consistent with the preference of millennials who value transportation but do not see vehicle ownership as the preferred path.

With robotaxis on Tesla’s crosshair, a vehicle subscription offering might fit the business model. With Autopilot and Full Self-Driving technology perfected in the near future, a consumer can simply “call” their Tesla vehicle to pick them up and bring them to their chosen destination. It can be a pay-per-use model and offers the flexibility of driving a Model X, for example, for a certain period then switching to a Tesla Cybertruck, a Model 3, or a Model Y depending on the needs of the subscriber.

Tesla Model 3 joins fleet for E-Mobility car subscription platform
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