Tesla Model 3 sales in China spike 7% in August

Tesla's Made-In-China Model 3 gets its first customer deliveries. (Source: Tesla China | Twitter)

Tesla Model 3 sales in China spiked 7% in August compared to July. Tesla’s most affordable all-electric sedan sold 11,811 units last month, compared to 11,014 vehicles in July.

Data from the Chinese Passenger Car Association (CPCA) indicates that Tesla sold 7% more vehicles in August than July, showing a sizeable increase in sales during the eighth month of the year. Tesla’s demand for the Model 3 has remained healthy since the company started delivering the vehicle in January 2020.

Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has released new variants of the Model 3 to Chinese consumers. Additionally, the company has made cosmetic changes with a recently revealed chrome delete feature and performance improvements that have come through software updates.

The Made-in-China Model 3. (Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla’s sale of the Model 3 has significantly contributed to the electric vehicle market in China. According to the EV Sales Blog, Tesla’s sales figures through July accounted for more than 13% of the total Chinese EV market share.

According to the Wall Street Journal, new-energy vehicle sales have surged 43.7% in August compared to the same month in 2019. The efforts that the Chinese government has made to increase the sales of electric vehicles, like offering subsidies and installing a more broad number of charging stations, have worked.

The City of Beijing even campaigned in smaller towns and villages during the first week of September, encouraging people to buy EVs produced by Chinese manufacturers.

Interestingly, the sales figures throughout the country haven’t slumped despite widespread flooding that has destroyed the homes and crops of many Chinese workers. These floods ultimately impacted the incomes of many families, which would make purchasing a car more difficult.

The floods and loss of incomes have not hindered the surge in sales for electric vehicles.

Tesla has sold nearly 71,000 Model 3 sedans in China in 2020, making it the most popular EV in the country by a considerable margin. Tesla has taken advantage of the government subsidies that are offered by adjusting the prices of its Standard Range+ Model 3.

However, the company’s appeal in China has also contributed significantly to its sales figures. The company has attempted to get owners involved in the company’s effort to expand its fleet of sustainable vehicles in the country. During the end of quarter sales push in Q2, Tesla requested that owners volunteer at local showrooms to help prospective buyers purchase a new vehicle.

Additionally, Tesla is also planning to build a “China inspired” EV for the market, which will be designed by the citizens themselves. The company is already hiring for its first international design studio, which will work on producing new designs that embody the Chinese style and culture.

Tesla Model 3 sales in China spike 7% in August
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