Lucid Air prototypes sit in the company's Headquarters in Silicon Valley. (Credit: Lucid Motors)

Lucid’s Peter Rawlinson: ‘We are nothing until we’ve got anything into production’

(Credit: Lucid Motors)

Lucid’s Peter Rawlinson knows that he has the potential to create the most powerful, longest-range EV yet. But he also knows that until something rolls off of production lines, the company is all talk.

“Words are cheap,” Rawlinson said to Bloomberg’s Hannah Elliott in an interview at the company’s Beverly Hills showroom. “We are nothing until we’ve got anything into production.”

The words are reminiscent of many EV enthusiasts who question any new electric automaker who comes out and says they are the company to dethrone Tesla from the hypothetical throne. And who could blame them? Many companies, whether they have been established from work with combustion engines or not, claim they have the tools and capabilities to take Elon Musk’s company off the pinnacle of battery-powered carmaking.

The Lucid Air. (Credit: Lucid Motors)

Rawlinson realizes that Lucid is just another name on that list, but he has the expertise to be the first to make it come true.

Rawlinson was a Tesla employee and started his work in 2009 with a complete redesign of the Model S. After a sitdown with Musk at the tail end of his first work week with Tesla, he advised the CEO that the Model S needed to be canceled and redesigned.

“What? It’s that bad?” Musk asked. “It really is,” Rawlinson responded.

Because of Rawlinson’s expertise and suggestions, the Model S became the electric car that saved electric cars. It was fast, it gave a range rating that no EV had ever seen, and it was less expensive than the original Roadster, which opened the door for more people to buy it.

While the Model S is still among the best electric cars that one can buy in terms of range and performance specifications, Rawlinson is looking to take down his old project with the Lucid Air.

The details Lucid has unveiled about the car thus are certainly impressive. The Dream Edition nailed down a 9.9-second quarter-mile time, powered by a 113 kWh battery pack. It beat the Model S and Porsche Taycan in the drag race and became just the third production vehicle to ever break the 10-second barrier in the quarter-mile without a rolling start.

Credit: Lucid Motors

With the company’s planned unveiling event scheduled for September 9th, Rawlinson also released some of the pricing options for the Air, along with other configurations that will be available.

The Air is set to be priced around $150,000, with the “Dream” Performance Edition at $161,500 after incentives, and a Grand Touring model in the low $130,000s after credits, a spokesman for the company said. The company also plans to release a sub $100,000 model called the Touring in late 2021.

Lucid’s unveiling event will be available via a public live stream on September 9 at 4 PM PST.

Lucid’s Peter Rawlinson: ‘We are nothing until we’ve got anything into production’
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