Tesla selling Model 3 demo vehicles in inventory at a slight discount

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Tesla is selling some of the demo vehicles for the upgraded Model 3 in its inventory, offering a slight discount from what buyers would pay for brand-new versions of the vehicles.

On Saturday, multiple users spotted demo Model 3 units on Tesla’s inventory website in multiple markets, selling with a little over a thousand miles on the odometer and at discounts of hundreds of dollars compared to buying them new. The demo vehicles have appeared on Tesla’s inventory site in at least the U.S. and Canada, and you can see a few examples of the deals in the U.S. below, including total discounts of $480 and $590, respectively.

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The demo vehicles include a limited warranty lasting until January 2028 or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, with battery and drive unit limited warranties until the first of either 100,000 miles or January 2032. Tesla also says that the condition of the vehicles “meets Tesla’s cosmetic and mechanical standards,” which it details further on the sale pages for its demo vehicles.

“Every Demo/Previous-Demo Tesla has passed an internal inspection and may undergo light repairs to be prepared for sale,” the company writes. “Normal wear and tear indicative of the age and mileage of the car should be expected.”

Tesla’s specific cosmetic and mechanical requirements for demo vehicles can be seen below, as detailed on the inventory sale page.

Credit: Tesla

Credit: Tesla

Tesla began offering demo drives for the newly refreshed Model 3 in January, shortly after debuting the vehicle design in North America for the first time. The vehicle was officially launched in several European and Asian markets last year, and it was spotted being tested in the U.S. a handful of times in the months in between then and the North American launch.

Last month, Tesla also debuted the highly anticipated Model 3 Performance trim for the refreshed version of the vehicle, featuring an updated drive unit and improved performance overall. It’s also the only Model 3 configuration currently eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit when purchased new, though businesses purchasing the aforementioned demo vehicles can get access to the incentive.

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Tesla selling Model 3 demo vehicles in inventory at a slight discount
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