Tesla is reportedly rallying employees for a massive end-of-Q1 delivery push

A leaked internal email from Tesla has revealed that the electric car maker is preparing once more for an end-of-quarter push. The message, reportedly sent by Tesla senior vice president Sanjay Shah to department heads, urges the company’s employees to push as hard as they can to deliver 30,000 more cars before the end of Q1 2019.

The email was reportedly sent last week, immediately following the Model Y unveiling event. Shah mentioned in his email that “we need your help to make more progress in volunteer sign ups. We have to deliver 30,000 more cars in next 15 days.”

Tesla has so far declined to comment on the leaked email, though it did note that employee participation for the end-of-quarter push is entirely optional.

A massive delivery effort at the end of a quarter is nothing new to Tesla, as the electric car maker had conducted similar initiatives in the past. During the third quarter of 2018, Elon Musk candidly mentioned on Twitter that Tesla had moved from “production hell” go “delivery logistics hell,” since the company was, for the first time, producing the Model 3 at scale.

Tesla’s deliveries during Q3 2018 ultimately succeeded thanks to the company’s efforts to push as many vehicles as it could. Numerous Tesla owners also rallied to help the company, volunteering their time at delivery centers to help new electric car owners get familiar with their vehicles. These efforts ultimately allowed Tesla to finish Q3 2018 on a profitable note. A similar effort was initiated in the fourth quarter, which helped Tesla reach record delivery numbers.  

A Tesla employee, who opted to remain anonymous, described the experience in a statement. “We all pitched in because we want to see the company succeed. We did it for our own job security and for the company,” the employee said.

The electric car maker recently rolled out initiatives to help it optimize electric car deliveries this quarter. Just recently, a Form S-3 submitted by Tesla to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that the company had acquired trailers and car carriers from Central Valley Auto Transport, Inc., a trucking company operating out of California. Elon Musk proved optimistic about the acquisition, noting to investors that the additional trucks and car carriers “give(s) us far more control while lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction.”

Tesla is reportedly rallying employees for a massive end-of-Q1 delivery push
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