Tesla’s Model 3 is the first EV to make top 10 leased vehicles list

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The Tesla Model 3 has made it onto a list of the top 10 most-leased vehicles in the U.S., becoming the first electric vehicle (EV) to do so.

According to new Experian data in a report from Automotive News, Tesla’s Model 3 sedan became the seventh-most commonly leased vehicle in the U.S. in the second quarter. Demand for the electric sedan was largely propelled by price cuts and EV tax credits. At the top of the list were the Ford F-150, the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Rogue.

The Model 3 accounted for just 1.79 percent of new vehicles that were leased in the quarter, and as many as one in four Model 3 sales were on lease for a 14-point increase from last year’s Q2. The top three leasing vehicles, the F-150, CR-V and Rogue, made up a combined share of 7.26 percent of all new leased vehicles.

Credit: Automotive News

Melinda Zabritski, senior director of automotive financial solutions at Experian, says it isn’t typical for a car like the Model 3 to make this list, adding that it’s usually comprised of higher-volume vehicles with leases.

“In the EV space, there is so much change and so many new models coming out that leasing can be a good way to have the vehicle for a short period of time,” Zabritski said. “An EV lease is a great way to avoid any of those ownership concerns that consumers might have.”

According to Automotive News, the leasing rate for the Model 3 surpassed the overall new vehicle lease rate of 21.3 percent, as well as the EV lease rate, which landed at roughly 21.2 percent. Zabritski notes that current lease rates are still far below peak levels achieved in 2018 and 2019 when the overall leasing rate jumped over 30 percent.

The news of the Model 3’s inclusion on the most leased vehicles comes as Tesla prepares a $1.8 billion lease securitization process this week. The process will entail Tesla bundling up several of its auto leases to be sold off as bonds, generating an alternative source of funding without the automaker needing to wait until lease money trickles in.

Some think that Tesla may also use the funding to create even shorter-term leases than it currently offers.

Earlier this year, Tesla also debuted a new seven-year financing option in addition to its three-, four-, five- and six-year leases.

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Tesla’s Model 3 is the first EV to make top 10 leased vehicles list
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