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Tesla Model 3 fleet cost efficiency to be tested by City of Venice

Credit: Herald-Tribune

The City of Venice, Florida, recently purchased three Tesla Model 3 units and will test the fleet of all-electric sedans to see if they are effective tools in reducing the cost of operating multiple vehicles for government purposes.

The Model 3s will be utilized in three Venice government branches: one in the Utilities division, one in the Building division, and another has already been outfitted as a Police Cruiser and will be used for patrol in the Venice Police Department.

Travis Hout, the Fleet and Facilities Maintenance Manager for the City of Venice in the Department of Public Works, said the city will test the vehicles for one year to determine whether “it’s a good fit” for the area and its needs. Hout said the year time span would give the City of Venice enough time to determine cost savings to the public, as electric vehicles require less maintenance and fuel, which has proven in the past to save other agencies thousands of dollars.

The Utilities Department will utilize its Model 3 for daily tasks like administrative uses, taking trips to read meters, and visiting people or companies in need of technical support. The Buildings Department will have its Model 3 available for trips to building inspections, while the Police Cruiser, a Model 3 Performance, will take care of patrolling purposes.

The other two units appear to be Tesla’s Rear-Wheel-Drive Model 3.

tesla model 3 police cruiser

Credit: Herald-Tribune via Yahoo

The year timeframe will give the City a chance to assess its cost savings, which could end up helping Venice adopt more EVs into its fleet. The test will give answers on whether “it is a good model for the City of Venice moving forward,” Hout said.

Electric vehicle police cruisers have become more popular over the past few years, as several departments have utilized Model 3s and other EVs on the market for cost savings. The Westport Police Department in Connecticut released a financial analysis in mid-2021 that revealed its first full year of operation had already offset the purchase price and save money.

Tesla Model 3 used by Police Department reveals massive financial savings

Other Model 3 and some Model S have been used by various forces around the country and even internationally, as Thailand’s National Police Force has used a fleet of Model 3s for several years.

Other EVs have been deemed suitable fits, as Ford’s Mustang Mach0E was chosen to be used by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, the British Police, and the Michigan State Police.

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Tesla Model 3 fleet cost efficiency to be tested by City of Venice
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