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Tesla Cybertruck sightings continue, this time with better look at air suspension

Credit: Trucky | Cybertruck Owners Forum

Tesla Cybertruck sightings are continuing, and a video of the all-electric pickup released today gives a much better look at the vehicle’s air suspension.

Last night, a video of the Cybertruck rolling around Gigafactory Texas was shared, showing off its air suspension at what people said was its maximum ride height. However, it was very unclear and grainy, so it didn’t necessarily give a great look at what the Cybertruck will look like when utilizing its air suspension.

Now, a new video has been shared, where the Cybertruck appears to be, once again, at its maximum ride height, thanks to its air suspension, but the clearer resolution gives us a much more revealing look at the beast in its rarest form.

The video was shared to the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum, and gives a full walkaround of the vehicle as Tesla heads toward initial production phases in the Summer.

We haven’t had the opportunity to see much of the Cybertruck in its lifted state, so these looks are what the automaker likely has had in development for several years. In 2019, Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, and CEO Elon Musk has made several hints since then regarding the capabilities of the pickup.

We mentioned in our coverage of the low-quality video last night that Musk wanted to utilize air suspension on the Cybertruck for several reasons. Not only did he want the vehicle to be able to handle heavy payloads for hauling, but it also needs to be functional on tougher terrains.

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While the design of the Cybertruck has not necessarily changed all that much, sightings of the pickup have become more frequent lately. Several Cybertruck prototypes were spotted in Northern California already this year, but they didn’t appear to be the same as what is seen in this video. While it could have been the camera angles, the previous sightings in 2023 have shown a more compact design that has been evidently pushed to the limits over the past several years.

Whatever Tesla ends up bringing to the market later this year will likely be an iteration that shows the refinements and changes that the company has landed on after four years of testing. Musk recently said the production beta model he’s driven is “incredible.”

Tesla has worked to finalize the design for some time, and Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen has already indicated that while the company doesn’t necessarily have a pencils down approach, it has basically landed on what will end up being offered to the public once production begins.

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Tesla Cybertruck sightings continue, this time with better look at air suspension
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