Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ fleet spotted high-temperature testing in China

Credit: CarNewsChina via 不看车

A fleet of Tesla Model 3 “Highland” vehicles was spotted in high-temperature testing in Xinjiang earlier today, as the vehicle is potentially headed toward production and initial deliveries by the end of September.

The Model 3 “Highland” is Tesla’s facelifted version of the mass-market sedan that was first released in 2017. Last year, Tesla started revamping the design of the Model 3, and the first leaked images showed a newly designed front-end look, which included new headlights, a front-end revision, and other features, like new wheels.

Alleged Tesla Model 3 Project Highland photo leaks online

Initially, it was thought the vehicle would be released in the United States, based on filings out of Tesla’s Fremont Factory in Northern California, which showed the vehicle’s initial development took place at the plant last Summer.

However, China has become the initial destination for the Highland Model 3, at least it seems that way. We now have more evidence the vehicle will initially launch in China.

Tesla Model 3 Highland units were seen performing high-temperature testing in Xinjiang, according to a report from CarNewsChina, citing images from insider 不看车.

tesla model 3 highland high temp testing

Credit: CarNewsChina via 不看车

We have previously reported on high-temp testing and the strenuous regimen Tesla puts its vehicles through for this type of assessment.

In May, the automaker showed its lineup undergoing extreme high-temperature testing in the United Arab Emirates. Each of its EV models was subjected to temperatures well above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The process helps ensure the vehicle’s battery chemistry is stabilized, as well as tests energy efficiency and the effectiveness of the drivetrain, motors, and occupant cooling systems.

Model 3 Highland Coming Soon

It seems Tesla is moving toward deliveries soon. A report from Chinese media outlet 36kr indicates several people familiar with the Highland project said the vehicle will be delivered “intensively” at the end of September.

This aligns with a similar report put out by Bloomberg earlier this month that said Tesla is planning to transport showroom models “in the latter part of August.” Mass production is slated for soon thereafter, and a ramp-up will begin on September 30.

Other reports from China indicated similar timelines for the vehicle.

Tesla’s new Model 3 Highland is expected to help accelerate the automaker’s sales figures in China once again. The country is heavily saturated with a number of EV competitors that rival the Model 3 and other cars in Tesla’s lineup.

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Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ fleet spotted high-temperature testing in China
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