Tesla and the Model 3 overtake ICE competitors in Hong Kong

Tesla's Made-in-China Model 3. (Credit: JayInShanghai/Twitter)

Tesla has become the most popular car brand in Hong Kong after the city’s Transportation Department confirmed that the latest batch of registrations had placed the electric automaker at first on the list. Additionally, the Model 3, Tesla’s first mass-market sedan, has become the most popular car in the city, EV or not.

Tesla managed to register 912 vehicles in Hong Kong in August 2020, which helped the electric automaker obtain the #1 spot in the Chinese city.

The push to become the best-selling car company in the city was fueled by two things: the increased production efforts at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai facility and the popularity of the Model 3, which also became the most sought after vehicle in Hong Kong since its first delivery in August 2019.

Giga Shanghai has been delivering Tesla vehicles to owners in the country since January 2020. However, owners could still get their hands on the company’s all-electric cars. Yet, they would have to be shipped from Tesla’s Fremont production plant in Northern California across the Pacific Ocean.

Credit: Tesla China | Weibo

But Giga Shanghai’s yearly production of 250,000 vehicles has contributed significantly to its ongoing success in the country. While Tesla has continued to flourish in the United States, China is quickly becoming the second home.

This success is mostly dependent on Tesla’s strategy in the Chinese market, which has the most massive automotive presence in the world, with over 258 million cars as of the end of 2019, Statista said. Tesla immediately saw large-scale potential in the market and started offering various variants of the Model 3, and reduced prices on the Standard Range+ variant so that the car could qualify for government incentives.

Additionally, Tesla started working on Phase 2 of Giga Shanghai, which will produce its first crossover, the Model Y. However, the Y will not be available in China until late 2020 or early 2021.

But Tesla’s widespread popularity in the world’s largest automotive market says one thing: electrification is alive and well. Not only is Tesla outselling Chinese EV makers like Nio, but it is becoming more popular than Volkswagen, Honda, and Toyota, which led the country’s rankings last year, Car Sales Base says.

Nevertheless, Tesla is overtaking the ranks of every car company in its path, and the Model 3 is doing the same with vehicles. Perhaps what has gone on in Hong Kong is a sign of things to come in other markets, like Germany, where Tesla is working on the construction of Giga Berlin. Whatever happens, EVs are being adopted worldwide, and the Hong Kong accomplishment is undoubtedly a feather in the cap of the Elon Musk-led automaker from Silicon Valley.

Tesla and the Model 3 overtake ICE competitors in Hong Kong
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