Tesla implements Model 3 discounts in Germany as Q4 delivery push continues

(Credit: everythingtesla via Instagram)

Tesla started offering discounts for “pre-refresh” and “refresh” Model 3 Long Range vehicles in Germany. The EV automaker’s recent Model 3 sale seems to be an attempt to reach its 500,000 guidance by the end of the year.

The all-electric car maker recently offered discounts for Long Range Model 3 variants. Based on pictures provided by @tesla_adri on Twitter, the company reduced the price of the Model 3 LR AWD with 18″ Aero rims by €1,050 ($1,270). The Model 3 refresh variant now costs €52,420 ($63,415) in Germany. 

Tesla also gave pre-refresh Model 3 LR AWD variants a €1,610 ($1,947) discount, with some units costing €52,920 ($64,020). Tesla is offering the biggest discount to customers interested in purchasing the pre-refresh Model 3 LR AWD Performance. With a discount of €3,640 ($4,403), the refresh Model 3 Performance went from costing €61,570 ($74,485) to €57,930 ($70,081).

The refresh Model 3 vehicles came from Tesla’s Fremont Factory, the company’s only car plant producing the variant at the moment. Some of the pre-refresh Model 3s may have come from Giga Shanghai and may incorporate some of the elements Tesla added to the vehicle after the refresh. 

Model 3 Standard Range Plus owner Don Barbone reported that he bought his pre-refresh Tesla with a €3,000 discount in Germany. Barbone stated that his Model 3 was made in Giga Shanghai. 

Tesla has less than a month left in Q4 to reach its 500,000 guidance, which the company seemed confident it could achieve in the last earnings call. 

“We’re also aiming to achieve our original 2020 guidance of 500,000 deliveries despite the operational interruptions earlier in the year. While this goal remains a genuine challenge, we believe it’s possible with tight execution across the company,” announced Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn in the third-quarter earnings call this year. 

The China Passenger Car Association has reported Tesla’s Model 3 sales rose 78% in November. The company sold 21,604 units last month, far exceeding its sales figures in previous months. If Tesla China manages to repeat the same success in December or increase its sales and the discounts in Germany are successful, the company may meet its ambitious 2020 delivery guidance. 

Tesla implements Model 3 discounts in Germany as Q4 delivery push continues
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