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Tesla Model 3 Long Range sold out for 2022

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range configuration is sold out for 2022, according to the company’s Online Design Studio.

The Model 3’s webpage on Tesla’s website has an updated delivery timeframe for each trim level. While the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive and Performance configurations are still available and scheduled for deliveries from October to December, the Long Range trim level is not available until 2023.

tesla model 3 long range 2022 sold out

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is feeling considerable demand for the vehicle, according to CEO Elon Musk, who said the waitlist for this configuration in specific is too long.

Tesla has battled supply and demand issues for several years, only solidifying Musk’s thoughts which are “Tesla has a supply problem, not a demand problem.” The automaker has been battling with extended order logs for both the Model 3 and Model Y, the company’s two mass-market vehicles. The addition of two new production facilities in Austin, Texas, and Brandenburg, Germany, are helping supplement Tesla’s production issues globally. Both factories, when fully ramped, will add another million units of capacity to Tesla’s manufacturing footprint.

Tesla Model Y shipments from Giga Texas are hitting their pace

Of course, supply issues are not specific to Tesla. While the company has struggled with keeping up with the demand for its vehicles, it has done a better job than most of remaining resilient despite difficult market conditions.

Tesla delivered over 254,000 electric cars in Q2, with over 238,500 units being either Model 3 or Model Ys.

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range sold out for 2022
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