Tesla Model 3 price drop results in surge of orders in China

Credit: Twitter/@ray4tesla

There seems to be no shortage of interest for the locally-made Tesla Model 3 in China. A Tesla store in Shanghai was recently filled with so many potential customers this past weekend following the company’s first customer Model 3 deliveries last week that some people were asked to form a queue outside the store.

The spike in interest from Chinese citizens also comes after Tesla announced an over $7,000 price decrease for its Made-in-China Model 3. The strategy was used by Tesla to undercut popular local automakers and fellow premium segment rivals in China.

Twitter user and Tesla enthusiast @Ray4Tesla uploaded numerous photos of the Taiguhui Tesla Experience Center in Shanghai this past weekend, showing the location filled with people looking to order their electric vehicles. Reports from local media state that hundreds of Model 3s are being ordered at each store per day and 1,200 are being ordered in China daily.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk arrived in Shanghai on January 7 to announce the first public deliveries of the Model 3 to Chinese citizens. The man responsible for Tesla’s growth in success within the past few years danced on stage as the company also announced the kickoff of its Model Y program.

Tesla expects to begin delivering the first Made-in-China Model 3s to Chinese orderers by the end of 2020’s first quarter.

China is the world’s largest automotive market and Tesla expects to take advantage of this. Gigafactory 3 is already building at a run-rate of 3,000 Model 3s a week to keep up with the overwhelming demand in the country. Judging by the scene this past weekend at the Shanghai store, there are plenty of people anxious to get their hands on a Made-in-China Model 3.

China is Tesla’s key to a big 2020, according to analyst Dan Ives. In early January, the Wedbush Securities analyst stated the initial production rate of GF3 and Tesla’s ability to ramp up to an even higher number will be crucial to the company’s success this year. “The bull/bear debate will center around ramping production and demand to the 100k/150k level annually in China and how quick this dynamic will ramp,” Ives wrote in a note on January 2.

Gigafactory 3 was built in 2019 in record time. The company broke ground on the production plant on January 7, 2019, and held its Model 3 delivery event to local customers exactly a year later.

Tesla is ramping up its international presence as it recently began developing land in Germany for its first European production plant that is expected to initially produce 150,000 Model Y and Model 3s a year. The company is coming off of a strong Q4 in 2019 where they delivered 112,000 vehicles in the final three months of the year. With Tesla’s increased output across the world, it is hard to believe that many of the world’s Tesla stores won’t experience this type of popularity when they inevitably open.

Tesla Model 3 price drop results in surge of orders in China
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