Tesla fascinates German publication with Model 3’s ‘breathtaking performance’

The Tesla Model 3 Performance gets tested in a rally course. (Photo: Team O'Neil Rally School/Facebook)

With Tesla Model 3 deliveries now fully underway in Germany, the country’s news agencies have been getting the opportunity to spend some quality time with Elon Musk’s most disruptive vehicle to date. Among the most recent news agencies that experienced the Model 3 was Bild, one of the country’s most circulated publications. And just like other media outlets that preceded it, Bild came away from its Model 3 encounter fascinated by the electric sedan.

In its review of the Model 3, the publication praised the vehicle for a variety of factors. Among these were the Model 3’s interior, which was very spacious and airy, thanks to its expansive panoramic roof. Bild also lauded the Model 3 for its generous luggage space, including its frunk. The way the Tesla app is deeply integrated into the Model 3 experience was also considered as a plus.

Perhaps most notably, the publication’s reviewers were highly impressed by the Model 3’s cockpit, which it dubbed as “revolutionary.” The Model 3’s hyper-minimalistic dashboard has so far been one of the most polarizing aspects of the vehicle, and based on its review, Bild appears to be firmly on the camp of those who love the electric sedan’s dash and controls.

The German publication was able to review a Model 3 Performance, which has a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds thanks to its dual motors’ instant torque. Bild noted that the Model 3 “goes off like a rocket,” pushing its occupants back into their seats when it accelerates. The publication also mentioned that the Model 3 Performance actually accelerates quicker than a 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S, which hits 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Bild did have some criticisms about the vehicle, including its relatively high price, its non-premium materials, and its key card, which the publication notes has a tendency to be capricious. Nevertheless, these quirks did not prevent the publication’s reviewers to state that overall, the Model 3 is “a fascinating car with breathtaking performance.” As a complete package, the Model 3 could very well have what it takes to make an impact even in Germany’s auto market, which is so far dominated by incumbents such as Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler.

The Tesla Model 3 has so far been received warmly by reviewers. American auto information services company Edmunds, for one, praised the vehicle for its capability to get better over time through free over-the-air updates. Noted motoring publication Top Gear, on the other hand, also reviewed the Model 3 positively. After his experience behind the Model 3’s wheel, Top Gear host Chris Harris even remarked that he will likely be buying the electric sedan for himself.

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Tesla fascinates German publication with Model 3’s ‘breathtaking performance’
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