Used Tesla Model 3 prices are rising in the UK

Second-hand Tesla Model 3 prices in the United Kingdom are rising as demand for Tesla’s vehicles increases. 

Recently, Teslarati talked with Vantage Leasing, which put the Tesla Model 3’s performance in the UK’s used car market into perspective. According to on-hand data based on UK banks, the residual value of Tesla Model 3 sedans has increased as a whole. 

From December 2020 to July 2021, used Tesla Model 3 prices have increased. For example, the residual value of a Model 3 Standard Range Plus in December 2020 was estimated to be around £9,005.71 ($12,475.87). At the time, the base Model 3 cost £40,490 ($56,091.99) before savings.

By July 2021, the residual value for a base Model 3 was calculated to be about £12,681.35 (17,567.85), a significant hike from its value seven months prior. As of this writing, the base price for the Model 3 SR+ is £40,990 ($56,784.65) before savings, a little higher than in December 2020. 

The Model 3 Dual Motor AWD Long Range and Performance variants followed similar trends. In December 2020, the residual value of the Model 3 Performance was estimated to be £15,185.11 ($21,036.38), while the Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor had a residual value of £13,832.48 ($19,162.54). By July 2021, the residual values of both the Model 3 Performance and Model 3 Long Range went up to a little above £16,000 ($22,165.27).

Tesla priced the Model 3 Long Range at £46,990 ($65,096.63) and the Model 3 Performance at £56,990 ($78,949.92) in December 2020. Currently, the Long Range variant costs £48,490 ($67,174.62) while the Performance costs £59,990 ($83,105.91). The Long Range and Performance variants are produced in the USA, while the base Model 3 is exported from Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai in China.

The chart above shows that the resale values of the base Model 3 and the Long Range variant are steadily increasing over time. The resale value of the Long Range, in particular, seems to be on par with the Performance variant for the last couple of months.

Since the beginning of 2021, Tesla has steadily increased Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 exports to Europe. Tesla also released the Model 3 refresh last year, featuring some adjustments to the sedan’s overall design. 

As some Tesla owners upgrade to newer Model 3s, the older sedans enter the used car market, where there appears to be plenty of demand for Tesla’s vehicles. The amount of consumers switching from petrol to electric vehicles also adds to the used electric vehicle market. 

The prices of all-electric vehicles are still too high for most people in certain countries. Second-hand EVs make electric cars more affordable. 

In general, Tesla seems to be making room for itself in the global used car market. Countries like the United States and Canada are already mulling over incentives for used electric vehicles

In the UK, the government offers home charging grants for buyers who purchase new or used plug-in vehicles. Unfortunately, there are no grants for used EVs, but some retailers and organizations have recommended introducing subsidies for second-hand EVs to the British government.

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Used Tesla Model 3 prices are rising in the UK
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