Tesla Model Y Standard Range is a hit in China

(Credit: Jay in Shanghai)

The Tesla Model Y Standard Range has attracted flocks of people to Tesla stores in China.

Over the weekend, China-based EV enthusiasts shared photos of potential buyers in Tesla stores to see or test drive the Model Y SR. Tesla China officially launched the base Model Y trim this month with a killer price of RMB291,840 before incentives. With incentives, the MIC Model Y SR would cost RMB276,000 (about $42,600).

According to China web media researcher @DKurac, a Tesla Beijing sales consultant estimated that MIC Model Y SR orders hit more than 10,000 on the first day of sales and more than 5,000 on the second day. And those numbers were reportedly just for one Tesla store.

Before the base Model Y entered the market, the Long Range and Performance trims were selling well. In May, MIC Model Y sales in China beat MIC Model 3 sales. Tesla China sold a total of 21,936 vehicles in May, comprised of 12,728 Model Y SUVs and 9,208 Model 3 sedans. In June, Tesla China sold 11,513 Model Ys and 17,017 Model 3s.

However, some of the Model 3s sold were exported to Europe. Tesla plans to start exporting MIC Model Y vehicles to Europe for Q3 2021. Model Y sales numbers in August or September could project if Tesla’s affordable crossover will eventually sell more than the Model S, 3, and X combined—as Elon Musk predicted.

The flocks of people lining up to buy or test-drive the Model Y SR reveals that there is still strong demand for Tesla’s vehicles in China. As per Morgan Stanley’s China team, the Tesla brand is still perceived well by local consumers. However, there is some concern over Tesla becoming a threat to local Chinese EVs, according to a national Chinese regulator.

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Tesla Model Y Standard Range is a hit in China
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