Tesla Model 3 SR+ owners to get heated rear seats through OTA update

Tesla will release an over-the-air software update to owners of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus variants, activating the vehicle’s heated rear seats to combat cold winter months.

The request came from Andrew Carney, a Model 3 Standard Range Plus owner who directly tweeted at Tesla CEO Elon Musk, stating that while he was extremely thankful for his vehicle and its constant improvements through software updates, it would be great if Tesla could release a “cold weather” upgrade to activate the all-electric car’s heated rear seats. Carney even noted that he wouldn’t mind it if the activation of the feature would be a paid update.

Update: Tesla rolls out rear heated seats for Model 3 Standard Range and Standard Range Plus

Tesla unlocks rear heated seats for Model 3 SR and SR Plus as paid OTA upgrade

Musk simply replied, “Sure,” effectively confirming that the Standard Range Plus Model 3 will eventually have all its seats heated. This should offer extra amounts of comfort for passengers, particularly as temperatures in the Western Hemisphere begin to drop significantly due to the arrival of the winter months.

Tesla has only offered heated rear seats in Model 3 variants that include the company’s Premium Interior, the Long Range Dual Motor AWD and the Performance version. Vehicles like the Standard Range and Standard Range Plus Model 3 are equipped with a “Partial Premium” interior instead. The 12-way heated seats in the SR+ are only available to the driver and the front passenger, subjecting those sitting in the back to keep warm exclusively through the car’s climate control system. Thus, with rear seat heaters, the SR+ Model 3 will likely become an even more bang-for-your-buck vehicle.

That being said, some Model 3 Standard Range Plus owners have remarked that they have had access to rear-heated seats for a brief period of time. Tesla Motors Club member Stodium posted a thread on the popular forum, stating he was surprised to see the option for activating his car’s heated rear seats on his dash screen. The Model 3 owner described his experience as follows.

“Just picked up my SR+ and noticed when I clicked on the air unit, I have the option for heated seats in the front and rear. From my understanding, partial premium interior doesn’t include heated rear seats. Not that I’m complaining about the added feature, but is this associated with a software issue or did someone at the factory accidentally give me access to premium features somewhere down the line. Curious if anybody else has any similar experiences,” he said.

Details regarding price and the rollout date of the Standard Range Plus Model 3’s rear seats heater OTA update have not been released by the electric car maker.

Tesla Model 3 SR+ owners to get heated rear seats through OTA update
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