Tesla Model Y spied on Fremont test rack, rips through track at full speed

The Tesla Model Y at the Fremont factory's test track. (Credit: Trip Chowdhry)

Recent spy videos of the upcoming Tesla Model Y have shown the all-electric crossover ripping through the Fremont factory’s test track like a supercar, despite rain and heavy winds. The speed of the Model Y is quite astounding, considering that its Performance variant has the most conservative specs among the vehicles donning Tesla’s “P” branding. 

Two videos of the Model Y in Fremont’s test track were recently shared online. One, which featured a whole minute of the crossover gliding smoothly over the closed circuit, was filmed from a distance. Despite this, one can feel the hard acceleration of the Tesla Model Y as it launched from a dead stop. It remains unknown which variant of the Model Y was used for the session, but it would not be a surprise if it was a Performance version, considering its almost supercar-esque acceleration. 

Apart from the aerial shot of the all-electric seven-seat crossover, a closer view of the Model Y’s trip to the track was shared by Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry, who recently visited Tesla’s Fremont facility for a factory check. The analyst noted that he saw the Model Y for the first time during the December 7 visit, and it was also the first time that he saw the vehicle at the track. 

In a statement to Street Insider, Chowdhry stated that the Model Y was going at “super-high speeds during rain and heavy winds.” This was evident in his short video, which showed overcast skies and an all-electric crossover that was unforgivingly accelerating (seemingly) at full speed. Overall, Chowdhry came away from the sighting impressed, stating that what he saw was a “significant” development.

The Tesla Model Y at the Fremont factory’s test track. (Credit: Trip Chowdhry)

The Global Equities Research analyst stated that the Model Y’s full speed track sessions hint that the development of the upcoming vehicle is going as planned. Chowdhry added that he sees the Model Y becoming a significant revenue contributor for Tesla in the second half of 2020. The analyst’s observations seem to go in line with other sightings of the all-electric crossover in the United States. From CA to OH, the Model Y has been spotted in its different versions, including a Dual Motor AWD unit that was spotted with a tow hitch. 

The Model Y could very well be Tesla’s dark horse for the coming year. The vehicle’s unveiling was understated, and Elon Musk gave a pretty conservative estimate on its first deliveries, stating that first handovers to customers will likely begin in Fall 2020. In the Q3 2019 Update Letter, Tesla announced that Model Y development was ahead of schedule, and that first deliveries will likely be held on Summer 2020 instead. Considering all these sightings and track tests, it would not be surprising if the Model Y’s deliveries end up being even earlier than expected.

Tesla Model Y spied on Fremont test rack, rips through track at full speed
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